Upair One Drone Review

The Mid-Range Drone For Everyone

Upair one drone


The Upair one drone is a mid-range drone with a stylish design and impressive flight performance that offers a lot of bang for the buck. It includes all of the elements that make up a good drone but also comes with extra features. 

It's not as advanced as some drones on the market, but it's also far more affordable than those other models that take images and HD videos for aerial photography.

Its long-lasting battery and extra functionalities are suitable for both beginners and more experienced pilots alike. This article will discuss the specifications, key features and pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.
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Key Features 

Headless Mode

Headless mode is a new feature on the Upair one drone. It is designed to make the drone more stable and easier to control.

This mode allows the pilot to control the drone's flight direction while allowing the drone to stabilize itself. It also makes it more natural to control the flight direction of the drone while maintaining an appropriate flight altitude, speed and orientation.

GPS Position Hold

Upair one drone is an easy-to-use drone; it has the built-in GPS positioning hold feature that allows you to set it flying in any direction and shoot stable images effortlessly.

It is a great way to prevent the drone from drifting and crashing. Holding the drone in a fixed position can be used for both aerial photography and videos.

The Upair one drone uses the latest GPS, GLONASS and Vision Positioning Systems (VPS) technology to pinpoint its location in real-time. It is accurate to within 700 meters with the help of VPS technology.

After you control the drone to hover in one place, it will adjust its altitude and position according to changes in the surrounding environment. It is very safe and steady in hovering in one place.

It's less about precision control and more about having fun.

One Key Landing

The landing feature of the Upair one drone is the most efficient. The landing pad is a combination of GPS and a ground control system. With this feature, you can land your drone with one-meter width within five meters of accuracy.

In addition, it has a unique function to prevent collision during landing. In case of any collision danger with an obstacle on the ground, the sensors will alarm. 

Live Video Transmission

Live video transmission is another feature that has been added to the Upair one drone. This will allow the user to have a real-time live transmission of the flight from their mobile phone to stream on any website. 

This is an excellent feature for a drone to have, and it gives you a chance to make your content go viral. The possibilities are endless with this revolutionary piece of technology.

When you first take off, all you need to do is press a button, and you will be able to see what your drone sees. The live video feed appears on your 7-inch screen in real-time. This feature enables you to see what's around you as if you were sitting in the drone.

5.8G FPV Monitor

The FPV monitor is a valuable feature on the Upair one drone.

This allows you to view what your drone sees in real-time. This means that you can see the drone's altitude, speed and direction all in one clear view. The FPV monitor will also show a live view of what the camera on the drone sees. 

The 5.8G FPV monitor features a 7-inch LCD screen with 1280 x 800 resolution; it supports multiple frequency bands, including 5.8G 48CH, 5.8G 72CH, 5.8G 120CH, etc. 

It also supports a 4K video display and HDMI IN/OUT output to play videos or photos on TV at high resolutions.

The 5.8 FPV camera provides you with a broader view than your phone screen, so you can enjoy even more of your flight time without taking away from it. The high-quality 5.8G FPV monitor gives you a 120-degree horizontal viewing.

1/2 .3 Inch CMOS Panasonic Sensor

The Upair One drone has a built-in 4K and 2.7K camera, making it easy to capture amazing photos and videos. It comes with an excellent feature of 1/2 .3 Inch CMOS Panasonic Sensor, which is truly exceptional.

This feature enables the Upair One to have a lot of light sensitivity. In addition, the dynamic range of this camera is also good, making it possible to take pictures in both dark and bright conditions.

Upair one drone


2 -Axis Gimbal

The drone comes with a two-axis gimbal, a panoramic video shooting feature that stabilizes your video while you shoot it. It allows you to shoot wide-angle videos without any shake or shakiness.

The gimbal axis rotates on two planes with the help of a motor, which lets the camera move freely in any direction.

Whether stationary or moving, the camera movement is compensated so the video or photo will look steady and fluid. It is a perfect solution for users who wish to capture smooth footage as they move.

In addition, the Upair One drone is made of carbon fiber material, which is used to make aircraft; hence it has a more robust structure and long lifespan.


Have you ever tried to return a drone to its original point in the sky, only to find out it went in the opposite direction? The Upair one drone features an Auto Return feature that works like magic when you lose control of your drone.

The auto-return feature of the Upair One drone is what we call a "safe" technology. This new feature will enable the user to let the drone fly away and return to the user automatically.

 This feature makes it easy to fly, even for beginners. When you start getting tired or lose control of the drone, it will automatically return to its take-off point. 

This can be especially useful during long flights, giving you more time to focus on the scenery without worrying about crashing your drone into trees or buildings.

You can activate this feature by pressing the Return key on the remote controller. The Upair drone will start hovering at approximately 8 meters above ground and land about 2 meters in front of you. If you let go of the Return key, the drone will stop hovering and land right away.

Brushless Motors

Brushless Motors are the most efficient and reliable motors that you can find on a drone. They are more powerful and consume less power than brushed motors.

 The latest Upair one drone is equipped with two brushless motors, which allow it to fly at a more incredible speed and further distance.

Brushless motors in drones are a new development in multirotor, and they have become the new standard in the industry. Unlike their brushed counterparts, Brushless motors can support higher voltage and current and provide more power to the drone.

They also eliminate the issues that brushed motors faces, such as short life span and low efficiency. However, they need an additional electronic control system to function. 

Smooth Flight

The Upair One is a high-quality, compact drone for outdoor use. It has a smooth flight feature that allows you to take aerial photos and videos without any disturbances from the wind. 

This feature makes it easy to capture an image from an angle that’s not possible with a helicopter, which is essential for high-end video productions. The Smooth Flight technology works even in winds up to 10mph.

What Makes The Upair One Drone Stand Out?

The most outstanding feature of this drone is its camera quality. It offers excellent 9-12 megapixel stills and offers both 2.7K and 4K HD video quality, which is a steal at this price range.

Who Is The Upair One Drone Best For?

The Upair one drone is a mid-range drone perfect for semi-professionals who want to capture aerial shots and videos but don't want to break the bank. It has solid specs and features, and it flies smoothly. 

This feature will be an excellent asset for filmers, photographers and selfie enthusiasts to capture beautiful moments wherever they go.


    Quality camera resolution
    Affordable price
    Decent flight time
    Large display screen


    Shorter control range
    The 2-axis gimbal is not as good as the 3-axis gimbal


This drone's price makes it accessible to many people who want to fly but cannot afford the higher prices. This drone has so many features and benefits, starting with its durable construction and ending with its high-quality camera and flight features.

While the camera quality is not as good as the DJI Mavic, the Upair one drone is still really great for a drone of this class. If you’re ready to take your first step into aerial photography or videography, this drone should do it for you. It’s worth every penny!

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