Top 5 Best Contixo Drone Review

A detailed guide

There are many drone brands in the market, and they come with products of different sizes and features. Some of the most market-dominant options include DJI and Contixo, so you need to know the best product some of these brands offer.

Contixo is a US-based company that manufactures high-tech electronics and vehicles, including boats and drones. They have a considerable number of models in the market so let us narrow down the list to make a choice easier for you;

1. Contixo F30 Drone For Kids and Adults

Contixo F30 Drone For Kids and Adults


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4K UHD camera. This drone has a high-quality mounted camera that can take photos and record videos at a high definition, which will make your work premium.

Portable and lightweight. This drone has a compact design, so it remains small even when in use. Once done, you can fold it to make it take even less space for storage and movement. It weighs less than 500g, so it will be practically weightless.

Additional app functionalities. If you have the drone app installed on your device, you can enjoy more features and have more fun with it. With features like the point of interest and GPS follow me, you will have an easy time recording videos in any environment.

Return to home function. This drone has two satellite navigation systems, GLONASS and GPS. These two work in tandem to ensure the drone always comes home when it runs low on power or loses signal; thus, you can’t lose it.

Brushless motors. These motors are more efficient; therefore, the battery lasts longer, and the drone uses up less power, and you can fly longer. 


    You don’t need government registration to fly it.(please check for your state)
    It is power efficient
    It has accurate location features


    It has a relatively limited flight range

2. Contixo F35 GPS Drone

Contixo F35 GPS Drone


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SD Card support. This drone supports SD card storage for up to 128 GB which is an excellent addition since videos in 4K need a lot of storage space. You will get a 64 GB SD card with the drone, so you can add more if you need it.

4K UHD Camera. The camera on this drone can record video of 3840 x 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second.  It has a 2-axis stabilizing gimbal to help take better videos even when the drone is moving.

Long transmission range. This gives you more freedom regarding where you can fly the drone since it can go off a long distance. It can transmit a live video stream from 4000 feet, and you will get a maximum fly range of 1500 meters.

GPS Positioning. Contixo employs the highest level of GPS sensors to help you stabilize the drone at far-off distances. You will also enjoy a fantastic return to home function when it goes out of range.

Long flight time. The F35 GPS drone comes with a 2500mAh battery that can hold power and give you an average flight time of 30 minutes. This gives you time to record a wide range of events and angles before you have to land.

Efficient and powerful. This drone has cool integrated features such as follow me, orbit mode and tap to fly. These features reduce the pilot's control over the drone to focus on the camera and get the best content. 


    It has a return to home feature.
    It is equipped with solid GPS systems for accurate location sensing.
    They support high volume SD cards


    It might not be easy for beginners to fly

3. Contixo F22 FPV Drone With Camera

Contixo F22 FPV Drone With Camera


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2K FHD camera. This drone's camera might not be the best on the list, but it will produce pictures of better quality than most. The camera has a 1200 FOV adjustment that allows you a wide angle when recording or taking photographs.

Intelligent GPS aided flight. This drone has features like follow me, GPS positioning, and headless mode. These allow the pilot to focus on taking the photos or video as the drone flies monotonously in a predetermined pattern.

Custom flight features. The F22 FPV drone has a tap fly feature; with this feature, you can tap on several locations to get the drone moving between them in a circular motion as you record the video.

750 feet video transmission. You can live stream the video from the drone’s camera from 750 feet, but you can also save it directly onto an SD card on the drone if you want to take it further away.

It has a considerable flight time. The longer you can keep a drone in the air, the better; this drone gives between 15 and 20 minutes of flight time depending on the settings, which is a decent flying time that could get some work done.

Portable and convenient design. The drone’s arms and propellers are foldable; therefore, it will take up less space in storage. It also comes with a custom storage case for the drone, remote, and battery to keep it safe and make it easy to move.


    It has intelligent flight features
    It comes with a carrying case
    It is reasonably priced considering its features


    The video loses quality during compression for storage.

4. Contixo 4K GPS Quadcopter

Contixo 4K GPS Quadcopter


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Extended flight time. This drone comes with two batteries, each having a charge of about 20 minutes. With the two, you can fly for 40 minutes which is more than enough for most uses.

GPS Aided flight. This drone integrates state-of-the-art GPS systems that help with aspects such as orbit mode, follow me, headless mode, selfie mode, and auto-hover. These make it easier to control the drone so the pilot can focus on taking photos. 

Return to home feature. The 4K GPS Quadcopter uses GPS to record its take-off location and that of the remote. If the drone runs out of power or loses connection with the remote, it will fly back and land at the launch site; thus, you can’t lose it.

Wide-angle camera. This product has a camera with a wide-angle to capture many locations under it simultaneously. You can connect the camera to Wi-Fi and get the images it takes on your device in real-time.

It is conveniently packed. The drone is foldable to take up less space in the storage case, it also comes pre-assembled, so you don't need a guide on assembling it before using it.

It comes with a custom case. The case has space to hold the drone, a remote, and the batteries so you can move all of it together. 

Relatively long video transmission. The camera has an active Wi-Fi transmission range of about 750 feet, so your recording has some freedom. You could take beautiful crane shots and aerial pictures with this drone.


    It has a relatively long flight time
    It comes with level 7 wind resistance
    It comes with a 32GB SD card


    It has a limited transmission range

5. Contixo Pocket Drones F31

Contixo Pocket Drones F31


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4K UHD camera. This drone comes with a high-quality 4K camera that will output 3840 x 2160 pixels, and you will love it.

It is light and portable. The drone is small when extended and in use. If you need to, you can fold it, and it becomes small enough to fit in your pocket. It doesn’t need governmental registration to use. Thus it is a good choice for beginners.

GPS and GLONASS navigation. It has two navigation systems which make it more comfortable to work with since it can’t get lost. It also has a more reliable return to home feature by using the two navigation systems.

Additional app features. With the app, you will get other navigation options like Tapfly, point of interest, and follow me. These use software to make the drone more stable, so you can take better photos. 

Decent flight time. You can get 25 minutes of recording with this drone which allows you to do a lot. The drone will fly back to the launch location and land without crashing when it runs out of battery.

Adjustable performance settings. You can change the top speed and other settings to make the drone more manageable, especially for a beginner. This allows you to learn at a comfortable pace rather than struggling with high speeds that could cause an accident.


    It is light and portable
    It has a high flight time
    It has an adjustable top speed


    The battery is not included

Why You Should Get a Contixo Drone

There are many options for drones in the market, and you might be wondering why you should go with Contixo. Several reasons make Contixo stand out, so let’s look at some of them to change your mind about this brand;

  • Nice App flight features

Something you will appreciate when you get a Contixo drone is the additional functionalities that come with the app. Depending on the model you purchase, you get Tapfly, headless mode, hover mode, and so much more.

These modes make it easier to take photos and record videos as they do most drone steering. You use the app to give an idea of where the drone should be, and the software will take over to let you focus on the camera.

  • Custom cases

Drones are delicate, and it is easy to break them, either in flight or during storage and movement.  A propeller could get twisted, or an arm could break off and leave the drone unusable. To avoid this, you need an excellent place to store your drone to avoid damage.

It is for this reason that Contixo drones come with custom storage cases. These cases have spaces to fit the drone and all the devices it uses, so you don't risk damaging it while in storage. This bag is an excellent addition that comes with almost any Contixo drone you buy

  • Efficient drones

Contixo drone engineers emphasize creating brushless motors for their propellers. This makes the drones more energy efficient to help you save on battery life. You can fly the drone for longer on the same charge than you would say a DJI drone. 

Combining this efficiency with the countless flight modes, you can’t fail to see why Contixo drones stand out. You can change the camera angle on your drone at any moment to get a different angle, so you end up with the best pictures.

  • Good prices

Most Contixo drones come at budget-friendly prices, ranging between $80 and $200. This might seem like a lot, but you will see the difference when you get a DJI drone going for $938. If you are a beginner, it will be a wise move to get a low-priced drone that will help you learn.

The best thing is that the price does not infringe on the quality of the drones; you will get some basic features and miss others. The camera quality might step down at some point if you get a budget drone, but it will be good enough to work with as a hobby.

  • SD Card Support

A good drone needs to help you with the storage of all the data you record. Contixo drones have you covered in this regard since they support SD card storage. You can store all your videos directly on the SD card, even if the drone is out of range.


There are many drone brands on the market currently, and you have to look at as many as you can before you settle on a product. Getting a drone might seem simple at times, but the wrong choice will be difficult to deal with and could end in an accident.

The best Contixo drone should meet all your needs. It must have a high wind resistance level along with the support of peripheral devices like smartphones. Contixo drones are known for their compact nature, and you could get your best drone from them if you look.

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