The best drones for beginners in 2020


Today, there is a very impressive diversity when it comes to the drones that we now have on the market in different countries across the globe. While some drones are for very specialized missions and can only be handled by professionals and experts, there are some others that have been specially designed for beginners and amateurs only. In this piece, we are going to focus on the latter – the best drones for beginners.

Best Drones for Beginners 2020

In the past few years, drones have exploded in popularity and when talking of drones that are ideal for beginners, some factors like cost and sophistication are always taken into consideration. For those that are under $100, the following drone models have been shown to be really good for the amateurs: Holy Stone F181, Hubsan H107D, Blade Nano, UDI U818A HD+ and the Syma X5C. Each one of these is well-equipped to meet the needs of eager beginners and amateurs who need a proper introduction into the drone world. The relative affordability of the drones listed above is also the main benefit.

Best Drones for Beginners with Camera

Owing to the fact that a beginner is clearly an amateur who does not have the right experience when it comes to selecting the best drones with cameras, we are going to touch on that in this section. Such drones have to be very easy to use, no complicated settings but at the same time must deliver the coolest images and videos. Right at the top of this list is the legendary DJI Spark. If you are the type who is also quite passionate about selfies, this drone is also for you. It weighs just 0.3kg, can be controlled using an iPhone, has a maximum speed of 36 kilometers per hour and the shots are just incredible.

But the DJI Spark is not the only one on the list of best drones for beginners with a camera. There are also others like the Parrot Bebop 2 Power which is a bit heavier but can be controlled to as far as two kilometers, Ryze Tello, Parrot Mambo FPV and of course, the Fat Shark 101 FPV drone. All of them are equipped with the sleekest cameras in the industry and are favorites among beginners.

Best Cheap Drones for Beginners

Of course, we all love drones but the cost is an issue for many. This is a reality as there are drones that cost thousands of dollars for a single unit. Obviously, not many amateurs are going to be able to afford that, hence, the need to talk of the best cheap drones for beginners. If you are one of the beginners looking forward to getting your own great experience with drones, then you have a list you can make your selection from. These are the Ryze Tello, Holy Stone HS100 GPS FPV, Potensic D85, Eachine E511, and the unbeatable Syma X8 Pro. All of them are under 100 bucks and can even be offered at much cheaper rates during promos and other discount offers.


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Best Toy Drones for Beginners

Kids should also not be left out from having as much fun as possible with their own drone experiences too. It is for this category of users that there is a special toy drone niche that is mainly for the children. Some of the best examples here are the KiiToys X-10 Mini Quadcopter which is known for its outstanding strength and superb indoor functionalities, Syma X12 Toy Drone (portable and very durable), UDI U818 A (which comes with its own six-axis flight control systems and a headless/IOC setting) and the Cheerson CX-10 Mini Toy Drone (known for its triple mode for speed and its low-voltage alarm).

Some of the other best toy drones for beginners include the Haktoys HAK907 which can take some really stunning photos and videos and are also equipped with its own multi-axis gyroscope that allows it to stabilize itself without any external input. There is also the Hubsan X4 H107L Toy Drone which is very well-known for its high capacity LiPO battery and another good choice is the Hubsan X4 H107C with its six-axis flight control system and a very rigid airframe that ensures its durability. The Syma X11 drone also made a name for itself as far as toy drones for beginners are concerned.

Best RC Drones for Beginners

For those who are not aware, an RC drone is simply a remote-controlled drone and that simply implies that it can be controlled with the aid of a remote-control unit. However, some RC drones are specifically best for experts and professionals while some others are made particularly to cater to the needs of amateurs and beginners. Top on the list here is the Altair AA818 Hornet Plus which has among other things, a flight duration of 15 minutes.

Then there is also the Altair Aerial AA108 which can fly for ten full minutes if the battery has been fully charged. It is also known for its very strong frame which contributes to its durability. Another good example is the Holy Stone HS170 and it is one of the best known RC drones. It has some of the best flights because its stability is ensured by its six-axis gyro stabilization feature. Users who look forward to having very stable captures have come to trust this product. It also has an altitude hold feature and a key return home function that will ensure it reaches you just with the click of a single button.

Best Drones for Beginners UK

For beginners who are in the UK and are concerned about or interested in getting the best drones, this section is going to have some very helpful hints. Models they will find very useful include the Potensic D58 (which has a range of as much as half a kilometer) and the Parrot ANAFI drone, often touted as one of the best drones that amateurs can handle. Then there is also the Syma X5C which is pocket-friendly and then there is the Nikko 8996 with its cool flight duration of fifteen minutes.

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