Syma ×8hg Drone Review

It’s Worth Droning On About!

In the revolutionary world of drones, Syma has been a pioneer for more than a decade. The Syma x8hg is among the popular quadcopter on the market for many reasons. It's compact, easy to pilot, and stows easily in a backpack or other storage case. 

It has been around for a while, but it remains one of the best affordable drones for beginners and advanced fliers alike. With this drone's advanced stabilization system, you can be confident that it will fly smoothly and stay in the air even in strong winds.

This review will go over the specifications and key features that make it worth droning on about.

Syma ×8hg


Key Features

360? Flips 

This version, which is dubbed as 360? Flips, offers the most enjoyable flying experience ever. It can easily flip in all directions (left/right/forward/backward), do amazing stunts, and fly like a pro with incredible ease.

This feature allows you to do flips with just one touch of the button without crashing the drone.360? flips allow you to take breathtaking photos and videos from every angle without slowing down or stopping.

Barometer Altitude Hold 

Barometer altitude hold is a feature that enables your Syma x8hg drone to hover at its current height rather than continue ascending or descending.

Syma x8hg is an advanced version of the Syma series. 

It can be easily differentiated from the other drones by a barometer on the remote controller, which can measure the pressure of the surrounding atmosphere and adjust the altitude to ensure a smoother flight experience.

This feature is helpful for people who are still new at flying drones due to their stability and ability to hover at a certain level without drifting up or down.

As you know, flying any quadcopter can be very challenging. There are a few things that you should keep in mind, like the wind, the height of the drone, and other factors that can affect your flight. 

Without the proper knowledge, you can easily lose control of the drone. This is where altitude hold comes into play.

6 Axis Gyro

It is equipped with a 6-axis gyro stabilization system that has an anti-interference ability so that you can fly it at any time and anywhere. This allows for a consistent and smooth flight, as well as a steady video feed, no matter how much you tilt or turn. 

All you have to do is focus on moving the drone forward or backward, right or left, up or down. The stabilized system allows it to fly in an upright position even when there are strong winds.

2.4 GHz Technology

It comes in a black casing with 2.4 GHz technology to give a whole new experience in RC quadcopter flying.

The 2.4 GHz system has been proven to be more reliable than the older frequency ones, thus improving this RC quadcopter's overall performance and reliability. This technology ensures that you can control your drone at a long distance of up to 1000 meters.

 Headless Mode

The Syma x8hg is a fantastic beginner drone that not only provides a premium flying experience but has an innovative feature that allows it to be flown without a remote control. 

This feature is known as headless mode and is an excellent tool for beginners to fly the Syma drone.

Headless mode is a feature that makes it easier for first-time drone flyers to fly the craft. Without headless mode, flyers must always keep the drone in front of them at all times, making flying more difficult than it needs to be.

The drone's orientation doesn't change with headless mode no matter which way the drone is facing. It's still easy to control, no matter how you orient the drone.

Syma ×8hg


8MP HD Camera

Have you ever dreamed of taking amazing aerial photos and videos? If so, this is the perfect drone for you. This Syma x8hg drone has an 8MP HD camera to record your aerial adventures.

The camera records video in FHD 1080p at 30 frames per second in 1MP. The camera will take color photos of up to 8-megapixels and has a 90-degree wide-angle lens that captures the entire landscape below.

The camera is attached to a 2.4GHz wireless remote control, allowing you to take pictures and videos from the air without the need for a physical connection between the drone and your mobile device. 

Colorful LED Lights

Colorful LED lights feature one of the main features of the Syma x8hg drone, which you will love after buying it. It has a very attractive and colorful LED light system making it ideal for flying in the dark at night.  

The drone has four rotating blades, two forward and backward spinning rotors, and two LEDs on each rotor used for night flying. Two red lights are at the front, while two green LED lights are featured at the drone's back.

Durable Construction

The Syma x8hg drone is designed to be durable, and it's made out of very strong plastic. The plastic used in constructing the x8hg has an average tensile strength of around 3.5Mpa, which is very high for lightweight things.

This new type of plastic is much more flexible than the other plastics used by other companies. This allows the drone to sustain hits from hard surfaces without losing its structural integrity.

The frame comprises carbon fiber and plastic material, making it much stronger than other conventional frames. The motor mount comprises CNC machined aluminum alloy, making it much sturdier than other frames available in the market.

Two Flight Speeds

The Syma x8hg drone has two different modes of flying, which are beginner mode and expert mode. This allows new flyers to learn the basics before moving to the next level. 

So, if you are beginning with your drone flying journey, then it's good to know that there will be less intensity in handling this device.

Blade Protector

This drone also has protected propellers, which makes it much more durable than other drones available.

A blade protector is a safety feature for drone propellers. The main function of the blade protector is to protect people or animals from being injured by spinning propellers.

The Syma x8hg quadcopter has a blade protector which can be manually activated when not in use. Its blade protector helps keep the drone propellers safe while you're carrying it around in your bag but also serves as a safety feature when flying. 

When you are ready to fly, all you have to do is press the button on the left side of the controller.

Strong Wind Resistance

It is designed for both indoor and outdoor flying but can be flown even in windy conditions. This drone features strong wind resistance to ensure that you can fly in any weather conditions, including stormy weather. 

This is great news for pilots who are frustrated with their drones being damaged by the winds. 

Attractive Design

Design is one of the most important things in a drone. If a drone does not look good, it will be hard to sell.

Based on its looks, you can already tell that it is a racing drone, and it will perform amazingly well when it comes to speed. It comes with a professional-looking design and has bright colors which look cool. 

The body gives it a nice grip, and overall, the build quality is amazing.

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What Makes Syma ×8hg Drone Stand Out?

It’s not as fast or as stable as most drones, but it does have one killer feature that you’ll either love or hate. Syma calls this feature "Blade Protector," one of the most interesting drone features. 

If you crash your drone into something like a wall or tree, the blade protector will automatically move the blades out of the way to prevent them from getting damaged. The blades will retract into the body and fold out of harm’s way.

Who Is The Syma ×8hg Drone Best For?

The Syma x8hg is a fun and moderately priced quadcopter for beginners looking to fly many drones.

This is made easy by the headless mode feature. With its headless security system, you can fly the drone easily without worrying about the drone's direction.


    Good quality camera
    Simple assembly of blades
    Automatic hover


    Has no FPV
    Short control range


It is no surprise that Syma has made such a high-quality drone. Their attention to detail and their focus on creating an exceptional experience make them one of the most popular companies in this industry. 

The Syma X8hg drone is a great choice for beginners and advanced pilots alike. With its tough frame and lightweight design, this drone can easily handle any weather or environment. 

Anyone looking to add a fun hobby to their life should consider picking up the Syma x8hg!


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