Sky Viper Drone M500 Review

Best For Indoors

Spending a lot of money does not guarantee you a great drone. All you need to do is carefully study all the great drone alternatives in the market. The Sky Viper Drone M500 is a very popular drone model, and many are choosing it.  

The drone is inexpensive and agile; it makes it the perfect drone for those who need something fun for the first time. In the article, you will find all the critical information about the Sky Viper Drone M500 to help you make the purchase decision.

Sky Viper Drone M500



  • Camera 

The Sky Viper Drone M500 has a built-in camera (HD, 720p, and 20fps) that captures 640 x 480 VGA pictures and videos. 

Taking the photo on this drone is so straightforward; all you need to do is press the button on the right shoulder of the remote controller. You can stream the video from your smartphone.

You will know whether you are taking a picture or recording video through its beep from the controller. The image quality of the helicopter is fine, considering its price. 

The camera of the drone is quite tiny and thus takes or records average quality pictures and videos. If the drone is not still, the photos will always look blurry; however, the video quality is neat and great, but this depends on how lit the place is. 

The drone is not ideal for professionals or any aspiring filmmaker. The drone has an internal 1 GB memory that allows you to record videos of up to 30 minutes and store thousands of pictures. You can connect the drone to your computer using a USB cable to access the pictures or videos. 

  • Controls 

The remote control is 2.4 GHz and has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortably fit in hand. 

The drone has a black plastic remote control that uses triple A-batteries. The quadcopter remote control has thirteen buttons and two control sticks. 

The button might seem unnecessary for a low range button, but you need to know that they have specific functions.

The remote's power button is in the middle of the remote; when the controller turns on, it beeps and gives a red LED flash. The issue with many buttons is that you will need a lot of practice to master using them and their different functions. 

The great thing is a practice app that allows you to train from a virtual quadcopter. When the drone successfully connects with the drone, it will give a green LED light which means it's ready to fly. Below the power switch is a three-way switch that allows you to adjust the control sensitivity. 

The right drone’s shoulder has two buttons for taking photos and recording videos. You can trigger the automatic stunts using the left shoulder buttons. 

  • The Design 

The small design of the drone makes it look like a typical toy quadcopter. The quadcopter features rotors; the two black rotors are at its back while the two yellow rotors are at the front. 

The camera, micro USB port, and rechargeable battery are at the center of the quadcopter. The quadcopter is made of high-quality plastic material that makes it quite durable.

  • Durable 

The drone's durability is one factor that you need to consider when choosing a drone. The Sky Viper Drone M500 is made of high-quality plastic that makes it quite durable. 

The quadcopter will surely not crush on the first collision like other cheap drones. Some people are slow at learning how to fly the drone; breaking it before you understand it is a waste of time. It would help if, consequently, you bought a drone that can withstand several falls before failing.

  • Battery 

In the package, you will find the 3.7 V, 100 mAh lithium-polymer batteries. The batteries are not that powerful but efficient and effective for this quadcopter. 

The battery will give you a maximum flight of six to eight minutes. The battery takes approximately twenty minutes to charge fully. Charging the battery is so straightforward; all you need is the USB charging cable. However, the battery is inbuilt and non-replaceable. 

Sky Viper Drone M500


  • The Flying Experience 

The Sky Viper Drone M500 is easy to fly and stable because of the variable modes, 6-axis digital stabilization, etc. However, you will have to adjust it at certain times to get a great flying experience. 

You need to learn certain skills before you start flying it around obstacles; they include spin, trim, and hover. The take-off speed is usually quite high, and this can be troubling for the beginner, and they might have trouble controlling the drone leading to crashes. 

It would help if you were patient when practicing how to use the controls, and it's best to do the practicing indoors. After sharpening your flying skills, you can take this drone outside, but the weather needs to be calm. 

Strong winds plus the auto features can surely make the quadcopter so unpredictable because of its lightweight. The drone has auto and manual mode; the auto mode is ideal for beginners and manual for pro drone enthusiasts. 

The beginners can also use the sensitivity setting; they will have enough time to handle the drone when on low. 

  • Automatic – Hover 

The feature is perfect for beginners since it allows the drone to hover at a specific place. Therefore the beginners will not have the pressure of making any adjustments using the remote sticks. 

While hovering, you can adjust the sensitivity to low, and the drone will react and fly slowly, and this is great for beginners while the drone enthusiasts with experience can use high.

  • Automatic Launch and Automatic Land 

This feature is quite common in almost all entry-level drones. With the feature, a drone user will get the drone in the air or down the ground with just one button push. 

  • Four – Blade 

The technology means that the Sky Viper Drone M500 has four propellers. The propellers have several sensors that perform different functions. 

The sensors add to the quadcopter's agility and responsiveness when flying and can sense any drone shifts and ensure the quadcopter maintains stability. 

  • Stunt Buttons 

The quadcopter is quite tiny, but you cannot disregard the sophisticated technology that makes it easy to use and control. 

The quadcopter features stunt buttons that allow you to do certain stunts, such as barrel rolls. You can surely do some tricks effortlessly, and this makes the flying experience better. 

  • Flight Period 

The quadcopter offers a short flight time, and most people do not like that. The bad thing is that the drone's battery is not removable; most people purchase extra batteries to increase the flight time. 

The battery can charge for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The drone only offers up to 10 minutes of flight time and then becomes sluggish and hits the ground.

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What Makes Sky Viper Drone M500 to Stand Out?

The drone has several great and unique features that make it great for both beginners and experienced. It will benefit beginners with auto features such as landing, launching, and hovering. The features also make the drone so stable and increase its performance. 

The quadcopter is small (palm size), making it ideal for indoors; you can also fly it outdoors because of its solid build. 

The drone comes with an instruction manual; therefore, you won't have much trouble learning how to fly it. The remote control makes it easy to control when flying. 

Who Is the Sky Viper Drone Best For?

The size of the drone is approximately two inches. Therefore the drone will comfortably fit in your hands and thus be extra portable. The small size makes the quadcopter ideal for indoor use. 

However, this does not mean it can't function outdoors; however, you need to calm the weather. The small size also adds to its positives; it allows the drone to reach areas that the bigger drones cannot. 

The drone does not have a blade shield, but you can easily replace them; you will find an extra set of replacement blades in the packaging.


    Easy to use
    Adjustable sensitivity
    Small and fast


    Lacks blade shields

Bottom Line 

This quadcopter is easy to use, fun and simple. Plus, it's quite small and can perfectly fit in your palms. The small size makes it perfect for indoor purposes but can also function outdoors under favorable weather conditions, i.e., calm weather. 

With the quadcopter, you can adjust the sensitivity; experienced drone enthusiasts can try maneuverability after adjusting the sensitivity. 

You can also select different speed rates, 50%, and 100%, making it easier for beginners to learn how to fly the drone. Overall, the inexpensive drone is a no-brainer and offers great performance dues to its incredible features. 


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