Don’t you love those high-speed car races recorded from an aerial angle? Or watching a surfer hitting the waves or someone skating in a park? It is all high-speed fun that needs an equally fast drone to record.

There are many drones on the market, and they differ in speed and transmission range. You need the fastest drone with a long transmission range to allow you to record videos from further away than a standard drone would. Let’s see the best products in the market currently;

I.Potensic D58 4K GPS Drone

Potensic D58 4K GPS Drone


BrandWireless communicationType of ControlBatteries present
PotensicWi-FiRemote control 2


4K camera upgrade. With this drone, you can record 4K videos and pictures to get an output of high quality. In addition, you can upgrade it and use 5G networks for quicker transmissions between the drone and your device.

Extended flight time. This drone comes with two batteries which can keep the drone in the air for a total of 36 minutes, giving you the freedom to move over long distances.

Wide camera angle. You will get a 1200 angle of view from the camera at any point. You can also adjust it to cover different areas using the 900 lenses. 

GPS aided stable flight. You could fly it in GPS mode, and the drone will hold a given altitude to make flying easier for you while you record.

3 Adjustable speed options. You can change the speed at which this drone moves depending on your piloting skills. You can get it slow as you learn the controls or make it go faster once you have everything at your fingertips.

Return to home feature. If this drone flies out of range, you don’t need to worry since it will fly right back to the launch site. The same thing will happen when you run out of power or if you press the RTH button.


    It comes at a fair price

    It has an adjustable top speed

    It is easy to fly


    The RTH function might have glitches in some drones.

II. DJI Mavic Mini Combo Quadcopter

DJI Mavic Mini Combo Quadcopter


BrandWireless communicationType of ControlBatteries present
DJIBluetoothRemote control 3


Lightweight. This drone weighs 250 grams which is about as heavy as a smartphone. This weight is good for speed since it allows the drone to move faster. 

It is small yet powerful. If you are looking for a small drone capable of powerful bursts of speed, then this is the option for you. You will be able to move quickly and for a long time with this compact drone.

Extended flight time. With one fully charged battery, you will get about 30 minutes of high-performance flight. 

3-Axis stabilizing gimbal. This feature helps the camera stay stable as the drone moves around a target to produce better-quality pictures.

Comes with spare parts. This drone comes with three replacement propellers in case the originals develop a problem. You will also get three batteries which will be an excellent addition to your freedom concerning what you can use.

Compatibility with mobile devices. DJI tried to give the user as much freedom as possible with this product. You could connect it to almost any smart device running either iOS or Android and use it to stream video or control the drone.


    You don’t need governmental registration to fly it

    It is compatible with most devices

    The camera has a self-stabilizing gimbal for better pictures


    It has a limited video transmission range because it uses Bluetooth.




BrandWireless communicationType of ControlBatteries present
DJIWi-Fi Remote control1


Offers an impulsive flight experience. The controls and movements by this drone are flawless, making the pilot feel as one with the drone, which makes for a great flying session.

4K camera at 60fps. This drone will give the best images you could hope for as it can record videos at 60 frames per second. This produces crystal clear videos that won’t need a lot of editing to be perfect.

Added flying modes for more effortless piloting. You could use S mode if you are a learner, so the drone is easier to control; the N mode is also a good choice for a beginner. If you feel like you are ready for everything, you can use M mode to get complete control over the drone.

Integrated safety features. If the drone loses connection with the controller or runs low on power, it will go into the smart return to home and land safely. It also has obstacle avoidance features at the front and back to make sure you don’t crash.

OCUSYNC 3.0 transmission system. This system uses high-level tech to ensure you have complete control of your drone and the video feed without latency. This is particularly important since the drone moves at high speed, and a slight delay could cause a crash.


    It is highly responsive without latency

    The drone moves super-fast

    It has a steady, high-quality video transmission system


    The drone is costly

IV. WQ X17 Drone With Camera

WQ X17 Drone With Camera


BrandWireless communicationType of ControlBatteries present
WQWi-FiGesture Control2


6K FHD Camera. This is probably the best image quality you will get from a drone; the camera records images clearer than the eye can see; thus, it will be a solid choice for professional recorders. 

5G network support. This drone supports the latest cellular network and it will send a live stream of your drone’s feed to the phone at high speeds without quality loss.

Powerful performance. This drone has one of the highest flight times of any drone since it can stay in the air for up to an hour before it needs a recharge. You can take it up to 1000 meters high, meaning your only limit is your imagination.

Brushless motors. It is silent and efficient when it works since there is reduced friction in the mortar. The extra power is vital in helping the drone deal with challenging weather conditions, especially wind. 

Advanced GPS functionalities. This drone comes with the standard GPS positioning to help you locate the drone anywhere in a reasonable range. You can also use gesture control to move the drone in a given pattern within range.

Customizable flight options. You could change the flight settings to make the drone easier to fly, so a beginner goes at it at a comfortable pace without crashing. If you lose control, you could always use the RTH button to recover the drone and get it to land.


    It can be gentle for beginners

    It is silent thus can be used in more populated areas.

    It has a reliable RTH feature.


    Poor customer support

V.Walkera F2 10 3D Edition

Walkera F2 10 3D Edition


BrandWireless communicationType of ControlBatteries present
WalkeraRemote ControlRemovable batteries


It is a racing drone. If you are looking for the fastest drone, what better choice is there than one designed for racing? This drone was designed with an emphasis on speed and flight efficiency more than anything else. 

It is lightweight yet durable. This drone weighs 0.37 Kg, making it much easier to lift off the ground and keep in the air; thus, it moves faster. Manufacturers attained this weight without distorting the quality since this drone is more robust than most in the market.

High controller responsiveness. There will be no delays between commands and execution with this drone, even when it is far away. This makes it better since slow responses from a fast drone would lead to accidents.

Adjustable flight controller. You can use your phones to change flight performance options on the drone to make it more suitable for people of different skill levels.

Additional functions. You get a signal alarm, low battery indicator, and update lock, apart from the basic features. All these allow you to know the state of your drone every time before you launch it or while it is in flight.


    It is fast

    It is highly durable even in the case of minor accidents

    It is agile in the air if the pilot is experienced


    It is expensive

What To Know Before Flying A Drone

You could take a drone course online or in your local aviation school if you need to get the skills on point. It is a crucial course that will help you learn about preflight and post-flight checks, which are crucial parts of correctly using and maintaining a drone. 

You will also learn how to read maps so you can navigate the drone from a long distance. It is an interesting course that will help you learn battery management and help you operate safely within the confines of your local government.

There are many things you need to check before you take off to ensure your drone is safe. Missing out might lead to damage or loss of the drone so let’s break them down;

A solar flare could fry your drone and make it fall from the sky. This might end up fatal if the drone falls into trees or a hard surface; thus, it is something you should avoid.

Check online or with the local weather station to ensure no significant storms or wind variations within the area. Strong winds could carry your drone off course and crash it, causing loss or damage.

You need to operate out of these areas for the public’s sake and that of your drone.  Your drone might cause an interruption with other flying vehicles causing a major accident. It would be so bad to have people die because you wanted to fly a drone in the wrong place.

Check everything about the drone before taking off; if you feel like anything is loose, don’t take off. Ensure you maintain the motors since the motor could fail while the drone is in the air, which might be the end of it.

Always make sure the battery is well fitted into the drone before takeoff. Imagine the battery getting out of the drone in mid-flight; the drone will fall to the ground and get damaged, potentially harming people.

If you take off and there is something out of whack, it could start leaning in one direction or end up crashing into something. If the battery and fan get too hot, it might be a good idea to see a repair professional for a performance review before something blows up.


If you want to get good shots, you might need the fastest drone in the market to match the speed of your target. You should also check the speed options and settings to ensure you can effectively control the drone before you launch it, lest you end up in an accident.

Make sure the conditions are right to fly a drone since minor atmospheric changes could cause a crash. It is crucial to look at the wind speeds since wind could carry your drone and crash it.

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