Is This RC Quadcopter Worth Your Money?

The Holy Stone f181 RC quadcopter is one of the most popular mini drones on the market today. It is a Ready-to-Fly (RTF) drone that’s affordable, easy to use, and flies like a dream – not bad for an entry-level drone!

This quadcopter is not just an ordinary quadcopter because it comes with rare features in other products of its class. Pilots of all levels can use the Holy Stone f181.

This article focuses on the specifications and key features, and the pros and cons that will lead you to make an informed decision.

Holy Stone f181


Key Features

3D Flips And Rolls

The 3D flips and rolls feature one of the more complex features of the Holy Stone f181 drone, but once you learn how to use it, you’ll find it’s straightforward to use. When you turn on this feature, your drone will gain altitude as it starts doing flips.

The 3D flips and rolls are performed with the help of four motors, which are used to control the drone’s direction.

The drone is operated by two joysticks that control the position of the drone. The left-side controls the altitude while the right-side joystick controls the direction of flying.

If you want to perform any flips or rolls, you must simultaneously push both joysticks in opposite directions. And with 3D Flips, you can make your flight more exciting and more incredible!

Four- Speed Control Mode

The Holy Stone f181 is among the first drones with four-speed control modes, making it suitable for novices and professionals alike.

The drone can be flown in four modes:

Controllable LED Lights

Holy Stone f181 is the best drone that allows you to control LED lights. As its name suggests, this feature will enable you to control the color and the light mode. This helps you to create different kinds of patterns in the sky during nighttime.

The drone supports two different colors of LED lights, i.e., red and blue. You can switch on or off the lights with the button on the remote controller.

The lights are not only used for high visibility at night but also for photo effects, such as night view photos and videos, which can be an excellent supplement to your travel records.

One- Key Engine Start

Holy Stone f181 is a drone with an engine start feature capable of being started in one key, using the button on the remote controller. All you need to do is hold on to the throttle stick, and it will fly on its own.

The drone will be ready to take flight in just seconds, which significantly reduces the time-of-flight preparation. The drone won’t take more than 20 seconds to start, much faster than similar models requiring multiple steps.

Upgraded Altitude Hold

It has an upgraded altitude hold feature that can let the drone automatically hover at its current height when you release the throttle stick. This makes it easier for the pilot to control the drone, making it easier to shoot pictures or record videos. 

720P HD Camera

Holy Stone f181 comes with a 720p HD camera which you can use to take excellent aerial pictures and record videos. 

The camera records at 30 frames per second, and the quality of the pictures and videos aren’t outstanding, but it does its job. The camera also has a wide-angle lens so that you can capture a lot of scenery in your vicinity.

With the 4GB Micro SD memory, you can store the footage to share later on with friends.

Furthermore, the camera lens is protected by a plastic casing that prevents damage from crashes. 

Holy Stone f181


Headless Mode

It has a headless mode, which means it can be flown in any direction without worrying about the orientation.

In this mode, the drone’s direction is based on where you are standing in relation to the drone’s front. It means that if the drone is facing away from you, it will be flying backward, and when it is facing towards you, it will be flying forward. 

It’s like having the drone facing you all the time.

One Key Return 

The one key return function enables the Holy Stone f181 to find its home without losing control quickly. 

This feature allows you to recall your drone back with the press of a button. The function comes in handy when your drone flies out of the range or if the battery gets low and you want it to come back to you.

In other words, this function will help you to prevent losing your drone by accident.

Powerful Motors

Its brushless motors can run at top speed and up to 45km/h and fly for about 9 minutes straight. This means you can take it just about anywhere.

It also contains some powerful motors that can lift a payload of up to 1.1pounds.

6 Axis Gyro Technology 

The latest six-axis flight control systems provide the pilot of the Holy Stone f181 with precise handling. It has strong stability and is hard to shake. It can quickly implement various flight movements and can even perform a 360-degree flip.

The latest 6-axis flight control system is more stable, which makes it easier to fly and control. It has a strong anti-interference ability and can easily avoid the interference of other electronic devices. 

 Left/ Stroke Right Hand Operation Mode

What’s more, its unique left/right-hand operation mode will enable you to fly it with your right hand and take pictures with your left hand, and it will be pretty easy and fun to play with.

There are two control modes with this model: stable mode and agility mode. Agility mode allows the drone to perform flips at the touch of a button, while steady mode helps prevent crashes.

It has four channels which perform an ascend or descend, forward or backward, left, and right sideward fly; therefore, you can get a lot of joy with this toy.

Lightweight Design

Due to its lightweight airframe and strong propellers, the drone can fly much faster and further than most drones of this size.

This drone is surprisingly fast and agile. It’s easy to get going straight away, and the controls are smooth and precise. It’s also got a good range of about 100 meters, so you can let loose and get some speed up before you have to bring it back in.

Flight TimeMax speedControl RangeBattery CapacityCameraVideo Capture ResolutionControl Type
7-9mins45km/hup-to100m3.7V 750mAh LiPo2MP,720p HD1280 x 720pRemote Control

What Makes The Holy Stone f181 Drone Stand Out?

So, what makes this drone so unique? There are many reasons that this power drone is a top seller, but we will focus on a few of them here.

This quadcopter has several features that make it stand out from the crowd. From its headless mode to head protection system, this drone can do it all. But what’s even more impressive is that this little machine is also straightforward to fly. 

This drone is equipped with many intelligent functions, so it can easily follow any direction you command. No matter how fast you fly the drone, it won’t get lost or disoriented.

The presence of a headless mode makes it possible for the drone to fly in any direction that you want.

The other fantastic feature of the Holy Stone f181 is the 4-speed mode, which can be adjusted according to your taste and preferences without constricting you to a specific speed.

Who Is The Holy Stone F181 Drone Ideal For?

This Holy Stone f181 is an entry-level drone with many features that make it easy for beginners to learn how to fly and the ideal choice for people who are just discovering their passion for flying.

It also has some advanced features that appeal to more experienced users, making it great for more serious flying.



    Multiple features for a drone of this class

    Affordable price

    Intuitive controls

    4-speed modes


    No FPV

    Heats up quickly

    Low-resolution camera


The Holy Stone f181 RC quadcopter is one of the best drones on the market today. It’s an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate users, and it offers a lot of value for its price.

Although the camera has low resolution and doesn’t come with First Person View(FPV), the other great features, such as the smooth flight operation, make it ideal for newbies just starting.

 If you’re looking to buy a beginner drone that can perform well but won’t break your budget, then the Holy Stone f181 comes highly recommended and may be right for you! CHECK PRICE

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