Racing drones

Racing Drones

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We all know that drones are fun to fly. But some drones are made especially for racing purposes. These racing drones are small, agile, and have a speed up to 100mph. You don’t want your DJI drones or other professional drones to racing because they are not sturdy enough. There are drones on the market that serves the racing purpose.

These drones are affordable compared to other high-end drones. If you are into racing, then the latest sensation is to get FPV racing drones. Drone racing is a growing sport that is held in many countries across the world. So if you are a drone racing enthusiast, you have to know the best racing drones in the market.

Things to know before buying a racing drone:


If you are planning to buy a drone, you must have heard of FAA registration. For drones over 250 grams, you have to register your drone with the FAA. If you are planning to fly your drone indoors, then you don’t need registration. But you cant fly professional drones. Kif=ds drone or mini drones are suitable for indoor flight. And FAA also says that the maximum flight speed should be only 100 mph and should not surpass that speed. But most racing drones hardly reach that speed. Please make sure you are familiar with these FAA registration rules before you buy any drone.

Buying a racing drone or building one?

There are ready to fly drones available on the market. But the agility and performance of those drones are questionable. Most drone racing enthusiasts like to build their racing drones from scratch. By doing so, you get the best out of the drones. Building your racing drone by yourself helps you to understand the drone and its performance.

Drone racing as sports:

Drone racing is a growing sport with many leagues by U.S, Drone Racing Association,   Drone Racing League, and events like the World Drone Racing Championships. Various competitors around the world compete with their racing drones to be in the running for big prizes.

If you want to excel, look. For drone leagues in your region and enroll in them. You will get the necessary guidance from the pros. Some of the famous drone racing leagues around the world are:

    • 1. MultiGP Drone Racing League

    • 2. Drone Racing World eSports

    • 3. The Drone Racing League

    • 4. British Drone Racing Association

    • 5.Make your racing drone now and enroll in a nearby drone racing league and start your adventure.

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