Propel Cloud Rider Drone Review

Does It Live Up To The Hype?
Propel Cloud Rider Drone


Propel's newest version has some significant improvements. The new Propel cloud rider drone is very similar in design to the original Cloud Rider, but with a few critical changes that will have you up in the air in no time. This drone has a lot of features that make it stand out from the crowd. You will be able to capture some great footage with this drone's camera. This camera also comes with many features, including automated flight modes and GPS technology, making it easy to fly without worrying about crashing into something! It also has an imposing range, essential in keeping younger children safe when flying this drone indoors. In this article, we shall discuss the key features and pros and cons of this drone to enable you to make an informed decision.

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Key Features

6-Axis Gyro

Propel cloud rider drone is one of the most high-tech drones on the market.

This drone is equipped with an advanced 6-axis gyroscope for precise hovering and more excellent stability, which means that you can control it more precisely and keep it flying in position. It also ensures that the drone can be maneuvered with extreme precision.

 This little guy can zip around the house at high speed and still hover ideally in place.

Wide Range Digital Radio

Propel cloud rider drone is among the first in the industry to feature a  2.4Ghz wide-range digital radio for interference-free control and improved range compared to older transmitters. 

This means that with one transmitter, you can fly several Propel drones at the same time. It allows more than one operator within range of the transmitter to control the planes.

This is perfect for recruiting others to help you develop your skills or when you're teaching someone how to fly. It's also great to film something in the air and don't want to wear multiple headsets.

With this new feature, you can experience better video and photos and up to 50% longer flight times. This digital radio technology provides a nearly limitless range and delivers a high-quality video signal.

3 Speed Settings

Propel cloud rider drone is a nicely designed and very stable quadcopter that comes in three-speed settings that allow users to choose their desired flight characteristics.

The three-speed settings allow you to control the drone's speed and how it responds to the controls. The first setting is slow and is ideal for beginners or those who will be flying indoors. 

You can also use the slow setting outdoors if there is little wind and you want a smooth video. The other two speeds are for advanced experts who can take on more incredible speeds and still control the drone.

Propel Cloud Rider Drone


360-Degree Stunt Rolls

The Cloud Rider 2.0 takes a unique approach to aerial photography and videography. Instead of a camera gimbal, this drone uses a rotating body to provide a fully-360 degree panorama. 

This quadcopter is perfect for taking video or photos from above as it hovers over a landscape. 

This drone can perform 360° flips at the push of a button. This is the main feature of this drone to enhance your flight experience. 360° stunt rolls are a great way to show off your flying skills and the maneuverability of your quadcopter. 


Like the predecessor, Cloud Rider is equipped with a 5MP camera that shoots video in 720p HD  resolution and comes with an SD card slot and a microSD card slot. 

The camera can be configured to take images or videos, which you can view on its screen or share with your friends on social media platforms. Using the controller, you can control the camera and switch between photo and video modes.

Cloud rider 2.0 has two rotors on each side of the frame, one at the bottom and one on top, making some fantastic aerial photos and videos.


Propel has created a slick, well-built drone that's ready to fly right out of the box. The Propel cloud rider drone is well-protected when it falls. The drone is made of high-quality material that is tough to break. 

The body is lightweight plastic with rubber bumpers on each side to protect it from minor impacts. The prop guards are also hard plastic to protect the propellers if they hit an object during flight.

The prop guards will protect the propellers from damage, and the landing gear will prevent the propellers from folding in when landing rough. 

Follow Me

A vital feature of the  Propel cloud rider drone is its "Follow Me" mode, which allows you to focus on getting great shots while the drone flies itself. 

This function works by using the GPS on your smartphone, so ensure that your mobile device has access to a vast area network before you take off.

One Key Return Home

The return home feature of Propel cloud rider drone allows you to control the drone to return to the takeoff point to avoid losing the drone. For example, if it is out of range or out of battery.

This technology dramatically increases the safety level of flying drones for beginners and children.

 2.4ghz Remote Controller

The Propel cloud rider drone has a very stable remote control, capable of performing aerial acrobatics and stunts. 

With a flight time of about 8 minutes, it’s a good thing that the batteries are rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about buying extra batteries or spending time changing them during a flight.

The controller is a lot like a video game controller. It has four buttons to steer the drone and perform actions such as taking off landing and switching cameras. Two additional controls can be used for taking pictures and taking videos.

Headless Mode

The headless mode allows you to fly in any direction without worrying about which direction the drone faces, including backward. It also allows the drone to fly forward, backward, left, right, up, and down.

 Even if the pilot loses sight of their drone’s orientation, The remote also has a headless mode that enables the takeoff direction to be the same as the direction controller is pointing at, so you can quickly fly this drone to where it needs to be. 

Headless Mode is perfect for beginners, but experienced pilots can also fly in confined areas where visual orientation may be complex.

One Key Take Off/Landing

With one key takeoff/landing, you can start and land your drone with a simple button click. It's straightforward to fly it.

 There are also two flap features. One is for landing on uneven surfaces without crashing into the ground, and one is for ‘hovering’ over things like water or trees.

LED Lights

Its LED lights are very bright and colorful. They are also in the front of the drone rather than in the back.

The LED lights are used for night flights, so you can quickly fly the cloud rider in the dark. You can easily spot your drone in a crowd or the darkness with its colorful LED lights.

Lightweight And Sleek Design

Propel 2.0 has a sleek and stylish design that is ready to fly as soon as you unbox it. This makes it easy to carry around and fly. 

You can easily take it with you on vacations or other trips because of its compact size and lightweight. It has an incredibly streamlined body and weighs only 1 pound.

What Makes The Propel Cloud Rider Drone Stand Out?

Numerous features make this quadcopter stand out from its competitors, some of which are mentioned below:

6- axis gyroscope; A six-axis gyroscope is used to stabilize the drone's flight, ensuring that your drone is stable during flight. Many drones have lower axis stabilization; hence this feature makes the Propel cloud rider drone unique.

Intelligent Flight Modes; With the advanced flight control system can make various intellectual flight movements, making flying more accessible, safer, and fun.

The Propel cloud rider drone is not like the other ordinary drones. It can fly faster than most drones, and it can do 360° flips with only one key.

Who Is The Propel Cloud Rider Drone Ideal For?

This drone is a powerful and fully-featured quadcopter designed for videography by experienced pilots but doesn't discriminate against beginners.


    FPV mode
    Adjustable speeds
    Affordable price
    Small design
    Stunt mode


    The camera could be better


If you are looking for a great drone that is easy to fly and has all the features you could need, the Propel cloud rider drone should be at the top of your list. 

Despite the low-resolution camera, it still performs quite exceptionally, and you will have fun with the 360? flips. We hope that you found this article helpful in deciding whether or not to make this purchase


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