Parrot Anafi drone - review

Parrot Anafi Review

Our Verdict:

The latest Parrot Anafi with its FPV (First Person View)  is the competitor in the best 4K drone category. But unfortunately, it could not create a significant impact or give us better performance than its rivals like DJI Mavic Air. Still, if you are looking for a good 4K drone with FPV (First Person View), excellent camera abilities, and are an expert in handling drones, then go for this drone.

Camera 21mp, 4K
Battery life 26 minutes
Dimension 9.41 x 2.64 x 2.56 in
Weight 1.56 pound

Reasons to buy Parrot Anafi:

  • Excellent design
  • Perfect for 180-degree shots
  • Return To Home feature
  • One button takeoff/landing
  • 4K camera with 30 FPS
  • Slim and compact

Things to note:

  • Heavy remote control
  • No obstacle avoidance
  • Has only 2-axis control
  • Can drift randomly without control


The only way to stay alive in the perpetually booming drone technology is to compete with the other rival companies and provide the best result for the users. In this aspect, the Parrot has marked their niche in creating drones for kids and beginners and have earned a reputation in the drone industry. But the real struggle arrives when they compete with top brands like DJI by creating professional-level drones. If only the Parrot company had been more cost-effective or upgraded its features than its rivalry, it would have been the industry’s best 4K drone.

After the release of this bug-like drone, Parrot Anafi FPV has become one of the high-end professional drones’ contenders. And with its FPV kit, Parrot Anafi makes a breathtaking immersive flight experience. The flight time is 26 minutes, which is great for professional users. Some of the fantastic video capturing features are automatic framing, low angle video, aerial selfies. It also has a FollowMe feature that can track and follow your subject. The drone does not come with obstacle sensors, so beginners are advised to handle the drone carefully. The Parrot Anafi FPV is mainly intended for users who want to immerse themselves in the world of aerial photography.

What comes in the box?

  • The drone
  • 1 USB C type cable
  • One remote controller
  • Stylish bag
  • A carrying case
  • FPV goggles

 The design is sleek and delicate, weighing around 250 gms, which is an average smartphone’s weight. So it is easy to carry around and can be flown quickly. If you are from the USA or Canada, you don’t need FFA approval for owning this drone. But fly safely with precautions! DJI pass app is compatible with Android and iOS users and is user-friendly, so you do not need to worry about difficulties and comes with a set of instructions that will come in handy before flight.


  • Lightweight
  • Foldable and easy to carry

   After the release of Parrot Anafi, the one thing that struck me the most is its design. The design is so slick, and to top that, it is also foldable. Most professional drones on the market have a fixed system, but the Parrot has innovated their design to this foldable design that the other drones do not have. The drone also comes with a compact case making it easy to carry anywhere.

 Unlike Parrot’s other drones like Bebop and Disco, the Anafi drone is lightweight, and that is an added advantage for any drone beginners. The Anafi drone is mostly made of carbon fiber and plastic. The drone’s dimensions are 9.41 x 2.64 x 2.56 inches, which is the size of an average water bottle, making it easy to carry around.


  • Carbon fiber and plastic construction
  • Excellent motors

   The Parrot Anafi’s body is made of carbon fiber and is constructed of plastic. The propeller blades are strong and firm, which can withstand a minor crash but please be careful while flying because it doesn’t have propeller guards. The eyeball camera stands out from most of its competitors.

The battery is placed in its body and is removable. Once removed, it reveals the microSD card slot placed beneath the battery. It has positioning sensors at the bottom, which helps for a stable hovering.


  • 21 MP camera with 4K UHD video transmission.

The one thing that will make you fall in love with Parrot Anafi is its camera feature. The HD images captured by Anafi can be worked for post-production purposes. The camera quality is as good as DJI drones and is undoubtedly a competition for other drones in the best 4K drone and professional drone category. With its 21MP camera, you can take stunning aerial photography, which brings out the photographer in you.

 The video quality is also unbeatable. The 4K UHD video transmission can take any landscape with great attention to detail, and the color depth is stunning. It can also shoot RAW images and can give you a lossless digital zoom when shooting at 1080pi.

The 180-degree gimbal is the captivating feature in-camera category. The zoom-in capabilities are unmatched when you comparing it to other drones.

Battery and flight range:

 The Parrot Anafi has 26 minutes of flight time. I genuinely like how Parrot incorporated a light bar in the battery so you can see the degree of charge. The Li-Po battery with a C-type charger charges 60% quicker than some other battery type. I am lucky enough to have a telephone with a USB C-link, so setting the battery is simple as I have various links and approaches to charge the battery. This C-type charging is a favorable feature since you can access it anyplace of a force bank, cell phone, or PC. It is superior to the standard 5W USB A charging

The most significant transmission separation is up to 4 km, controlled with Parrot Skycontroller. Also, the most extreme working height is 4500 meters, which is incredible for any expert drones. Anafi can hit up to 55 km/hr speed yet can take smooth recordings and high lucidity pictures. The separation you escape from this drone can differ considerably upon where you are flying. If you are in a neighborhood where there is a ton of Wi-Fi, for example, around houses or close to lodgings, you will lose association without your drone. Notwithstanding, when you fly in a zone with next to no Wi-Fi and away from sight, you can get astounding outcomes.

FPV mode:

Everybody likes FPV (First Person View)  mode in games and even in real life. Furthermore, to energize you, this Parrot Anafi accompanies FPV goggles. This is an additional favorite for any individual who would like a genuine flight insight. The Cockpit Glass 3 goggles, once associated, can give you FHD streaming. The FPV unit is created to give you a vivid flight insight.

Overall verdict:

 The Parrot has been a competitor of DJI for years. But to stay in the game, Parrot has to create something operated by both beginners and professionals alike. The performance and control are where the Parrot Anafi lacks. If they improve the management and make their drones more user-friendly, they can stand tall like other major drone companies.

Guide for beginners:

On the off chance that this is your first time buying a drone quickly, there are a couple of things that I would profoundly urge you to do. It might appear pointless excess. However, it will spare you a great deal of money in the long haul. Flying a drone can be confusing, however, if you play computer games, flying this will fall into place very quickly. Be that as it may, it will take practice. That is the reason I would suggest purchasing a modest $20-$30 drone that has no GPS lock, no auto-drift, no auto-situating of any sort. On the off chance that you can dependably explore your home with a little drone, this drone will be simple.

Make sure that you have all the firmware reports on the drone, the application, and the Sky Controller 3 preceding flying. Make sure you check any license requirements for your area. Take it slow when you first fly your drone. Save it in video mode for the first flight; video mode eases the drone’s activities down for better video quality. For your first trip make sure you are in an open region, for example, a recreation center. Test the entirety of the highlights of the drone in this substantial free region. Test the GPS lock, the get back, the drone, sport mode, as much as you can. This not just acquaints you with the drone and its highlights yet guarantee that the drone is dependable in those highlights, for example, the significant get back. Before each flight, make sure you do a flight check. It takes around 30 seconds and will help guarantee that the drone’s compass is right.

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