Mavic Air vs. Mavic Mini Drone

Mavic Air vs. Mavic Mini Drone Review

The Right Drone for You

The DJI Mavic series is among the most popular brands in the drone market. The company has several drone series, which include Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, and Mavic Mini. Today it’s all about its two popular models Mavic Air vs. Mavic Mini. 

You will find a drone with industry-leading features and great flying modes for both professionals and beginner drone pilots from the different series. The DJI Mavic series range from small to large, and all have foldable arms that make them easily portable. 

If you are a professional or a beginner who needs a drone that takes excellent quality videos and photos, the Mavic Air and Mavic mini are likely on your list. This article presents a comprehensive comparison of the Mavic Air vs. Mavic Mini quadcopters. 

The comparison will make it easier to select the suitable drone model for your next adventure.

I. DJI Mavic Air

The quadcopter look is sporty and captures the interest of many drone enthusiasts. With this quadcopter, you will surely be in for a treat. It is a foldable and superb drone to fly. Here is more information about the Mavic air quadcopter.

DJI Mavic Air



  • Design 

The quadcopter is among the smallest and lightest in the drone market. The small design allows you to take the quadcopter on all your adventures. The drone has a weight of 0.95 pounds which gives it the tablet's feel. 

The ultra-portable drone is easily foldable, and you can flip the propeller shafts, making the drone appear extra small. The exciting bit is that the little beauty has much tech, such as high-end features that increase its performance. 

Plus, its overall design makes it impressive to look at. The quadcopter has a controller that is very compact and can perfectly fit in your pockets. The joysticks on the controller are removable, and this adds to its portability. 

  • Camera 

The Mavic Air camera is a 3-Axis gimbal that guarantees you steadier shots. The camera can shoot 4K 100 Mbps video, which is incredible because it captures UHD quality. 

The quadcopter comes with 8 GB of storage space to capture images and videos without the SD card. However, by adding or changing the SD card, you will have more space to store your data seamlessly. 

The excellent video quality of the Mavic Air makes the 8 GB space so little. A two-minute video will take approximately 1.5 GB of the 8GB, meaning you need to add or change the SD card. 

The camera does not only offer explicit photos; you can use other camera modes. If you need panoramas, there are several options for 180 degrees, horizontal and vertical images. 

Finding the suitable model from the controller is straightforward, and the drone will take the pictures and perfectly stitch them. An extreme version known as the spherical panorama allows the drone to stitch 25 photos in a minute.

  • Flight Controls 

The Mavic Air remote control has an ergonomic design, is low profile, and foldable. It offers maximum convenience since it can perfectly hold your smartphone in place. 

The controller features detachable control sticks that make it more portable and comfortable. The controller is compact but has impressive functionalities; it can fly the drone with only hand gestures. 

The connection between the controller and Mavic Air quadcopter is super accurate. Therefore the drone quickly follows the hand swipes from any distance that's within its range. 

You can land or take off using hand gestures. It has a flashing light that confirms the videos and pictures were successful. The quadcopter can automatically fly, and this makes gestures easy to use. 

The Mavic Air drone also hovers perfectly, and this allows it to take steady and high-quality pictures. The quadcopter has a new high feature that enables the quadcopter to follow several people. 

It’s a nice feature if you love cycling, running, snowboarding, etc., with a friend or group. However, the feature will not work if you are moving in a different direction. 

  • Flight Time 

The Mavic Air can fly while taking photos and videos for approximately 21 minutes on a full charge. The flight time is longer in good climate conditions, but the drone will use more power if it's windy. It would help if you bought extra batteries to increase the flight time. 

  • Flight Range 

The maximum flight range of the drone is approximately 2.5 miles. The drone is pretty fast, with a speed of 22 mph. However, the quadcopter is noisy, which will surely attract people's attention when flying at lower altitudes.

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What Makes the Mavic Air Stand Out?

The Mavic Air is a pocket quadcopter that excels in all aspects. The quadcopter is smaller and lighter, and this makes it highly portable. In addition, it features a 4K camera that captures steady and high-quality pictures and images. 

Who is Mavic Air Best For?

The Mavic Air drone is a great starter drone for any drone enthusiast that needs a 4K camera. 

The drone is among the first drones that are under $1000. It also offers a 3-axis gimbal, 4K video capture, etc. Overall, it's among the best drones in the market. 


    Compact design
    Fun and fast
    Great price
    Very portable


    Remote lacks LCD

II. Mavic Mini

Mavic Mini


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  • Design 

The Mavic Air is extra foldable, and this makes it so portable. After folding it, you can carry it from your pockets or a small handbag. The low weight and small size allow the quadcopter to survive most falls and crashes.

  • Camera 

The camera is usually the most crucial feature of the quadcopter. The Mavic Mini takes great videos of up to 1080p and shoots in 2.7 K, which is average for smartphones or PC. 

The great thing about 2K files is that they do not use much space, unlike 4K. However, in terms of quality, the 4K files carry the day. 

The quadcopter has a good camera that takes clear 12mp stills under great lighting. Another great feature is the 3-axis gimbal that will guarantee you still and steady videos. 

  • Flight Performance 

The Mavic Mini is relatively small, but that does not limit its flight performance. On-air the quadcopter is exceptionally stable and relatively fast. 

The drone will be nimble when you switch it to sport mode. However, the drone will struggle when the breeze is high, but it has a GPS lock to ensure the drone stays stationary. 

  • Price 

The quadcopter is quite affordable, and the price directly reflects its features. The price makes the drone ideal for beginners, and you can also gift it to your friend who is a drone enthusiast. 

  • App

The Mavic mini has its application with an excellent user interface which makes it easy to use. The app is simple with little submenus and pairs quickly and perfectly with the craft. 

However, the app lacks some essential features, such as video settings, affecting most app users. It forces you to switch back to the manual to access the more advanced settings. You can indeed change the flight parameters such as distance, pitch speed, etc. 

What Makes Mavic Mini To Stand Out?

The Mavic mini has 4K video capabilities that allow it to take pictures at a fantastic range. Plus, it has raw photo capabilities. The drone's battery can allow thirty minutes flight time which is much better than other batteries that offer 10-15 minutes. 

The three-axis gimbal enables the drone to take smooth aerial pictures and is also affordable. All these features and benefits make the drone a solid purchase. 

Who is Mavic Mini Best For?

The Mavic mini is simply lightweight, small and this makes it portable. The quadcopter is perfect for people who love traveling, backpacking, or hiking.


    Value for money
    Clear shoots
    Ultra-compact size
    Extremely portable


    Lacks obstacle avoidance

Mavic Air vs. Mini

The Mavic Air is the ideal drone for travel enthusiasts, beginners, and professionals. The good thing is that the Mavic Air quadcopter is budget-friendly and has excellent features. 

Other than price, the quadcopter offers maximum performance and has an outstanding size balance. If you want to get intelligent flight modes and 4K video, then Mavic Air is the perfect choice for you. 

The Mavic Mini is ideal for beginners and recreational purposes. The quadcopter has no flying restrictions because of its size. 

Overall the Mavic Air is better than the Mavic Mini because of its great features. However, the choice you make will depend on several factors such as budget, purpose, etc. 


The Mavic brand and series are pretty famous because of their excellent flight performance, power, and portability. For those that need a drone for their daily activities, the Mavic mini will serve you well. 

It's incredibly lightweight, and this makes it more portable and also offers an excellent flight experience. For travelers and professionals, the Mavic Air is ideal for you. 

The drone has great shooting modes and video capabilities. The content creators will hugely benefit from its great camera features at an affordable price.


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