Hubsan X4 Pro Review

Ideal For Professionals

The quadcopters or the drones are fun to use. However, it's more fun when you know how to use the controllers perfectly. You can fly them to almost all places taking great pictures and videos. 

The camera drones are gaining popularity daily because of their ability to take aerial pictures. Professional photographers are choosing high-end models since they pack unique and high features. 

Through the Hubsan X4 Pro review, this drone is among the most advanced and has great design and high power performance features. In this article, you will find the best features of the Hubsan X 4 pro, which will help you make a great decision when purchasing it.

Hubsan X4 Pro



  • Camera

The quadcopter has a great quality camera of 1080p HD. The camera support is a three-axis gimbal and can therefore capture pictures both up and down and sideways. The camera lens is adjustable; you can decrease or increase the field view area to capture great shots. 

Its memory chip is 64GB which is enough space for your data (pictures and videos). The camera takes high-quality videos that you view from the screen while down. The screen helps you monitor the drone's activities, such as the direction the quadcopter is facing. 

The VR goggles can be handy when operating the camera. However, you will have to buy it separately since it does not come in the packaging. You can also connect your tablet or android phone to the camera and use it to control the Hubsan X4 Pro. 

  • Remote Controller 

The remote controller of the Hubsan X4 Pro is among the best in the drone industry. The first time you see the controller, it does not look as professional, and this has many questioning its price. 

The remote controller features a screen that allows you to watch real-time videos. Other professional photographers or drone enthusiasts prefer using phones or tablets. 

However, the remote controller has a unique advantage over smartphones; it has a frequency of 5.8GHz that guarantees you smoother videos. The other thing is that the connection between the drone and the controller is stronger and more reliable. 

On the downside, you will not be able to select the screen size you want. Plus, using the remote as a first-timer can be so confusing. However, the buttons have great labels that are easy to understand. 

  • Performance 

Performance is one of the major things that drone enthusiasts consider when buying a drone. Knowing how the quadcopter performs will help you make a great decision when buying. 

The Hubsan X4 Pro drone has brushless motors, which offer additional power. The drone's GPS module increases stability, and this ensures smooth flight control and responsiveness. 

The drones with GPS modules are perfect for beginners and other drone enthusiasts; they'll have an easier time flying them. The drone also can detect an altitude change and then adjusts accordingly. 

It has a great flight time which ensures the beginners get enough time to practice and learn. The drone is ideal for outdoor use because of its powerful propeller that can cause damages. It would be best to buy extra batteries; this will help increase your flight time and efficiency. 

  • It’s Easy To Fly

If you see professional photographers or drone enthusiasts flying drones, it looks so simple. However, if it's your first time flying, it won't be that easy. 

The Hubsan X4 Pro is the perfect drone for beginners because it features returning home and built-in GPS. The drone also has a great altitude hold; when you stop controlling it, the drone stays where you left it. 

The quadcopter comes as ready to fly; when you remove it from the box, it does not need any assembly. All you need to do is ensure the battery has enough power by charging it. 

  • Build and Design 

The droned design makes it efficient and attractive. The drone features high landing gears, which offer protection to the drone and its camera. The quadcopter body is not foldable, and this makes it difficult to transport. 

Another great thing under design is their brushless motors that are powerful enough to carry the heavy drone. Despite the weight, the drone can move at a maximum speed of 36km/hr.

Hubsan X4 Pro


  • Battery and Range

The quadcopter classifies under the FPV explorer, and this means it must have a great fight time. Because of this, the drone has a powerful smart Lithium-Polymer battery of 7000mAh. 

If you remove the camera and parachute, the drone will fly for more than thirty minutes, beating other premium models. The Hubsan X4 pro comes with a parachute and is the first drone to have one. 

When you connect the camera, it increases the weight, causing the battery to run out quicker. You will get a flight time of 25 minutes when the camera is intact, which is still great. 

The flight range of this quadcopter is also interesting; the drone can go to a high of 1000 meters. However, you can push it to a range of up to 1600 meters, which is 1 mile. If you pass this range, you will get interference that will force you to turn.

  • Parachute

The quadcopter comes with a parachute mechanism. To use the parachute, you will have to spend some extra dollars.

 It's because a different company makes the parachute. However, drone enthusiasts always doubt the precision and efficiency of the parachute. 

  • Ground Control

According to the Hubsan X4 Pro reviews from different owners, this feature makes the quadcopter fun and great to use. The controller range reaches a high of 1.5 km; you can view videos from a range of 1km away from the quadcopter. 

The viewing screen has a decently large screen that gives you a perfect video view. The controller has two antennas, one for monitoring and controlling the drone and the other for video. The other fun feature comes in navigation, and you can create waypoints. 

The quadcopter will utilize its GPS to find the different waypoints, and this feature can be quite handy for beginners. The great thing is that you can specify the amount of time you want it to stay at a certain waypoint. 

Plus, you can save the routes if you wish to fly there some other time.  The feature is the perfect way of learning how to use the controls since the drone will fly independently. The only job left for you will be to manage the camera, allowing you to take steady and quality pictures. 

  • Flight Control

The Hubsan X4 Pro is a high-end drone and comes with great features. The features that add to its price are the flying and landing capabilities. 

An additional feature is the headless modes, and it allows easy flight control. Therefore you will be able to control the drone regardless of where it's facing, and it will still be able to go towards the direction you command it. 

For example, if the drone's front is looking right and you want it to go forward, there is no need to turn it. Fly it in the direction you want. The drone also has a high-end feature known and "return to home." 

The feature comes in handy when you have lost sight of your drone. All you have to do is press the "return home button" and the drone back to the place it first took off. Plus, the feature automatically activates when the drone battery is low. 

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What Makes the Hubsan X4 Pro To Stand Out?

The Hubsan X4 Pro quadcopter is quite stable. The drone packs great flight modes. 

The remote controller is easy to use and has a great distance. 

Therefore the drone pilots have enough room to fly the drones. The drone is made of ABS plastic material that is high quality and offers protection to the interior parts. 

Who Is the Hubsan X4 Pro Drone Best For?

The Hubsan X4 Pro is ideal for professionals (photographers and videographers). It's because it has several exciting features for flight and has a good quality camera. 

The drone can easily turn rookies into professionals within a little time. However, the drone lacks obstacle avoidance but will capture great pictures and videos.


    Return to home
    Great quality camera
    Altitude and position hold mode
    Headless mode


    Lack collision avoidance


The Hubsan X4 Pro is ideal for professionals such as photographers or videographers. Its camera is quite powerful at 1080p. The drone has a controller that has a screen that allows better ground control.


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