Hubsan x4 H501SS Professional Version Drone Review

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The Hubsan x4 H501SS is a pretty fantastic quadcopter by all means. It comes with an FPV camera, making it one of the best drones to have on the market today.

The Hubsan x4 H501S is an excellent UAV toy to purchase if you are starting out flying drones because it offers all of the features that most advanced drones have without having all of the advanced features.

In this review, we will be taking a look at the features that come with this quadcopter. We’ll also be discussing some of the unique features that make the Hubsan x4 stand out from many other drones in its class.

Hubsan x4


Key Features

Headless Mode 

In addition to the remote control, this mini drone has a Headless mode feature. It is a common problem for many users when they fly a drone at a certain height, and the direction is not right. To correct the mistake, they have to fly the drone back and do it again. 

However, the Headless mode will save you from this trouble.

As the name suggests, there's no head and tail in this mode, and the forward direction will be the same as that of the transmitter. Therefore, by activating it, you can make sure that you are flying in the right direction all the time.

Decent 20- minute flight

This drone can be flown for about 20 minutes on a single charge over a range of 300 metres. This time can be increased if the camera is not used during flight. It can be flown both indoors and outdoors. The battery recharge takes 150 minutes.

One Key Return

The Hubsan x4 H501S includes a return to home function. Once activated, the drone will automatically fly back to its take-off position. 

It's one of the most exciting features of this model, and it offers immense value for money because if your drone flies out of range or loses signal for some reason during flight, you can rest assured knowing it will be able to return safely.

This is especially useful if you're using the drone for aerial photography because you can activate the return to home function once you have taken the perfect shot. 

5.8G FPV Real-Time Video Transmission

The H501S comes with an FPV real-time video transmission feature for FPV flying. This feature allows you to view the live video feed from your phone or tablet in real-time. It also allows you to take photos and record videos while flying.

With the built-in digital video recorder (DVR), you can record your flight path in 1080P FHD quality. 

FPV 1080p HD Camera

The Hubsan x4 H501S is a ready-to-fly quadcopter that is designed for aerial photography and videography. Its high-definition camera captures high-quality photos and videos from the sky.

 The drone has an FPV system that allows you to view live video streams from the drone with your smartphone.

FPV is a short-distance wireless communication technology that brings live video from a camera on a flying vehicle to a ground-based monitor. 

The Hubsan x4 H501SS has a built-in camera with a video recording function. It has a 2MP camera, which records video and takes pictures during flight. 

Using the WIFI connection, you can connect it with your mobile phone or tablet to control the drone and view the picture taken. 

It also comes with external memory support of up to 32G TF to store the images and videos you record using the camera. The camera records at 1080P 30fps and takes JPG 1920 X 1080 Pixel photos. 

The camera module is connected to the mainboard via UART (3.5mm to 3.5mm). 

Follow Me Feature

With Follow Me Mode, you can focus on capturing your adventure and let the Hubsan x4 H501S take care of the rest. Start the drone at a high altitude, and it will track and film you from above, following you autonomously while keeping you in the middle of the shot.

Follow Me mode makes it easier than ever to capture that perfect landscape or cityscape. With just a push of one button, you can let go of all manual controls and fly with complete confidence.

This mode is ideal for keeping tabs on family members exploring the great outdoors or capturing footage of yourself at an extreme sports event.

Hubsan x4

Altitude Hold

With this function, you can lock your drone at a certain height, and it will stay there while you fly around.

The altitude hold mode is convenient if you want to take a shot of a specific landscape or record a video of a building from a distance. As long as you have some GPS signal, the altitude hold will automatically activate when you release the control sticks. 

This feature makes the drone much more convenient. 

Fail-Safe Mode

The 'Fail-safe' feature in the Hubsan x4 H501S drone is a good feature that offers protection during flight. If communication is lost with the transmitter (through GPS), the drone will automatically fly back to where the transmitter was turned on. 

The drone will go into hover mode and slowly descend to the ground to reduce impact force.

This ensures that your drone will never get lost. Furthermore, the drone will automatically land when the control distance is exceeded to ensure safety when flying.

GPS Positioning

The Hubsan x4 H501SS is a small sports-oriented quadcopter with a built-in GPS feature; the drone avoids obstacles, providing stable hover in the air.

This helps prevent crashes caused by user inexperience with the controls. In addition, it is an excellent tool for practicing maneuvers, as the drone can be quickly recovered if it flies too far away or into an obstacle before the maneuver can be completed.

The GPS works with the high-performance barometric sensor to provide position information to fly smoothly in different directions.

This feature gives you a lot of benefits, including the ability to fly indoors with ease. You can also easily map out a flight path and plan the flight with your smartphone.

 The flight path will appear as a series of waypoints on your screen, and you can easily change them from there. 

However, if you prefer not to use the GPS positioning feature, don’t worry – you can turn it off.

6 Axis Gyro

The innovative Hubsan x4 H501S is outfitted with a 6-axis gyro system for superior stability, enabling it to resist wind and turbulence. This feature makes the flight more stable and flexible. It can do 3D tumbling in four directions with 4 LED lights for night flights.

Brushless Motors

As we all know, brushless motors with advanced operation and stable performance are the critical factors in drone flying. The Hubsan x4 H501S has adopted the latest coreless DC brushless motor, which is more compact and better than the traditional brushed motor.

 It provides more power and a larger current for the quadcopter, which allows it to carry more loads than its predecessors. With such a quadcopter, you will get a higher and more stable flying experience than ever before.

Compact Design

The Hubsan x4 H501S is a small and compact design drone, weighing around 410 grams and measuring only 220x220x70mm. This makes it easy to carry around and bring with you on trips.

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What Makes Hubsan X4 H501SS Professional Version Drone Stand Out?

The distinguishing feature of the Hubsan x4 H501S is that it has a wind-resistant design that makes flying more manageable and more convenient. The drone has 360 degrees eversion function that allows users to perform aerial stunts more effectively. 

It also features low voltage protection, low battery alarm, emergency landing function, anti-interference ability, more stable flying, and a decent flying time.

It has an HD camera, and extra batteries are also available at a reasonable price. The drone flies very well, and the picture quality is above average for this price range.

Who Is The Hubsan X4 H501SS Professional Version Drone Best For?

It is a great drone for beginners as it’s straightforward to use and control. Features such as the headless mode and one key return make flying extremely easy for beginners and experienced pilots. 

It also has a virtually indestructible body, making it the best drone for beginners prone to crash it multiple times. This is very important because you do not want to buy a drone that will crash within the first few minutes of use.


    Reasonable price for a drone of its class
    Stable flight and performance
    Comprehensive functions and features
    Solid and durable construction


    2MP image resolution is too low for great photography
    No gimbal stabilization

Bottom Line

The Hubsan x4 H501S is an affordable, compact option for drone enthusiasts trying out new features. It includes a camera, complete with video capabilities, and takes high-quality stills.

 While it's not the best fit for professional photography, it's perfect for photographers looking to produce some stunning images of their travels.

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