Holy Stone HS510 Drone Review

The Best Toy Money Can Buy

Most drones are remote-controlled; however, the Holy Stone HS510 drone is different. It's controlled via WIFI with your smartphone so that you can fly it without the remote. Its small size, simple controls, and high-quality camera have made it very sought-after.

The best thing about this drone is that it has all the functions of a normal quadcopter. You can take aerial shots, panoramic photos, and videos, track moving objects, adjust flight paths, do flips in the air, and hover steadily in one place. 

The drone also features a 4K HD camera for clear images and videos. The headless mode makes it easy to control, and you can fly it both indoors and outdoors.

Below is an in-depth review complete with features and specifications to understand why it’s such a great drone that your money can buy.


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GLONASS & GPS Navigation

The Holy Stone HS510 FPV drone comes with an integrated GLONASS/GPS navigation system for advanced flight tracking, and thus you could never lose signal outdoors.

A GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation device uses satellite signals to determine a user's location. A GLONASS is a Russian equivalent to GPS navigation, which can track and map locations.

The GPS positioning allows you to know where you are and how high off the ground you are at all times so that if there is an emergency situation, such as a low battery, you can easily locate it.

App Control

App control is a fantastic feature because through this, you can get your drone to take off, land, and return to home using your smartphone or tablet. The Ophelia GO application is available for both IOS and Android devices.


Holy Stone has added an innovative Draw-a-Path feature to its controller to make flying this device a breeze. 

While it may seem simple at first glance, this fantastic feature makes controlling the drone much more accessible than ever before. It will allow you to quickly draw out your desired flight path on your smartphone's touchscreen display via the app. 

Optical Flow Positioning

Holy Stone HS510 has a new optical flow positioning feature that improves flight stability and accuracy. This brand-new function allows users to lock the drone horizontally or vertically as it’s flying, making it easy for you to focus on controlling the camera freely.

The Holy Stone HS510 drone is the world’s first drone to use optical flow positioning, in addition to GPS. Optical flow positioning uses visual sensors to help with stabilization, and it works incredibly well! 

Drones that rely on GPS alone can be affected by heavy winds or tall buildings around them, but optical flow technology keeps the HS510 steady in nearly any condition.

4K FPV Camera

With the development of technology, the camera is essential for FPV. The 4K camera feature on Holy Stone HS 510 is a special function. It can make your video more vivid and lifelike.

The 2 Megapixel camera on this drone allows you to take crystal clear images and videos and store them on a 32 GB micro-SD card.

The HD camera can shoot 4k videos at 16 frames per second (fps) and 2.7K video at 25 frames per second.

Smart Return Home

The HS510 has a lot of smart features. One of the most useful is the “return home” function, which allows users to fly back to where they started flying with a single click of a button. This feature can be found in more expensive drones, and it comes with an anti-loss system.

The return home feature works when there are no GPS signals or satellites available for navigation. The drone will then remember the last known coordinates from when it took off and return to that point automatically once you trigger this feature. You don’t have to worry about losing your investment!

Tap fly

The Holy Stone HS510 drone comes with a stunning new feature called Tap Fly mode. In essence, it allows you to tap on the screen of your mobile device, and your drone will fly in that direction.

This is a fantastic technology on its own, but when you add all of the other features this drone offers, it becomes even better.

For example, this drone can do flips and rolls at the touch of a button! It also has incredible range and can reach speeds of up to 32 kilometers per hour. 

Brushless Motor

The brushless motors are designed for long life, smooth operation, and increased efficiency. Additionally, they keep the rotors cooler than standard motors, allowing you to fly longer without worrying about overheating your motors.

This will allow you to get more flights out of your batteries before having to recharge them again. 

Foldable Arms

Holy Stone HS510 is a foldable and portable drone. The propeller arms of the drone can be folded, and it will be more compact to carry. The foldable arms feature makes this drone easy to carry and store, so you can take it anywhere and fly whenever and wherever you want.

Furthermore, it only weighs less than 250 grams (i.e., 245g), and thus, you don't have to register it with your government in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Speed & Agility

The HS510 boasts a top speed of 32 km/h, which makes it possible to capture fast-moving sports and scenic shots from up high. It also comes equipped with two different speed modes 0f 2m/s or 3m/s, so users can choose how fast it can fly.

Altitude Hold

In addition, the Holy Stone HS510W has an altitude hold function that lets you hover in place while giving you time to get your shot. 

The altitude hold function enables you to release the throttle stick, and the drone will keep hovering at the current height. 

It will stay at its current height when it detects that there is no input signal coming from the user's remote controller. This is very useful for photography enthusiasts who want to take aerial shots.

Headless Mode

Aside from that, Holy Stone HS510 is equipped with a headless security system that prevents it from flying off in a different direction when flying in mid-air.        

The headless security system also enables you to easily control your drone during takeoff and landing by simply pointing at the settings in the app.

What Makes Holy Stone HS510 Drone Stand Out?

The Holy Stone HS510 offers 4-axis gyro stabilization technology and a 3D lock. These two technologies make the drone much easier to control than other models on the market. 

Also, LED lights keep it visible in low-light conditions so you can see where you are flying at all times. This feature is vital for beginners who may not be as well versed with drones.

The other unique feature of the Holy Stone HS510 Drone is its Draw-A-Path function which allows you to come up with your designated location, and the drone will simply follow your instructions. 

This feature is fantastic if you want to take pictures or videos from different angles.

Another unique feature is the App control, which unlike many drones of its class which are remote-controlled, this function makes it easy to have 100% control at the comfort of your couch.

Who Is The Holy Stone HS510 Drone Best For?

The Holy Stone HS510 is primarily for people looking to get into the drone game but don't want to break the bank. 

If you are a consumer who wants something cheap and affordable, this will give you everything you need without spending too much money.

The Holy Stone HS510 drone is a good choice for those who want an aerial view of their home or property. It has all the features that any other drone has, and it is equipped with many safety features that help to ensure safe and fun flying. 

If you are an entrepreneur or someone with a smaller business that needs to invest in marketing strategies that will be effective, then it might be worth your time investing in this drone as well.

 It can be used for personal and business purposes because of how easy it is to fly around.


  • 4K camera with FPV live video transmission
  • Foldable and compact design
  • It doesn't require government registration
  • Has dual satellite navigation 


  • The camera angles have to be adjusted manually
  • Single-axis gimbal stabilization could improve

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This new model from Holy Stone is a worthy addition to the existing line-up of best-selling drones from this manufacturer. It's a drone that can be used indoors and outdoors, making it suitable for pretty much any situation. It’s also very affordable – something which makes it perfect for people on a budget.

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