Holy Stone HS100 Drone Review

The Best GPS Drone For A Beginner

Holy Stone HS100 Drone

The Holy Stone HS100 is making waves in the drone industry. The affordability, impressive features, and ease of use put it at the forefront of today's best beginner drones. 

This quadcopter has many outstanding features that have been developed to offer users an unforgettable flight experience.

It has a GPS that helps the drone return to the pilot if communication with your phone or controller is lost. 

With its 4G live video feed, headless mode, one key return function, and extended flight time of 18 minutes on a single charge, the Holy Stone HS100 is one of the best drones on our list.

This stunning drone is used for aerial photography, landscape shooting as it can reach speeds up to 30 mph, allowing you to capture excellent aerial images and video.

Below is an in-depth review of its specifications and features.

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18mins Battery Life

The Holy Stone HS100 drone is a quadcopter featuring an 18-minute battery life. This is long enough to fly around for some time, but not too long that it will take away from the fun of flying. The 18mins flying time can fully meet your needs during the flight process.

One Key Start Takeoff

Some drones are easy to fly while others are not. That's because some drones are produced with the novice pilot in mind, while others are made for more experienced flyers. 

The Holy Stone HS100 is one of those beginner-friendly drones that anyone can use to learn the ins and outs of drone flying.

Before someone even turns on their drone for the first time, they'll notice it has two flight modes: normal and expert. 

When flying in normal mode, the drone is very stable and handles basic maneuvers easily. The expert mode gives pilots complete control.

Follow Me Feature

Holy Stone HS100 Drone comes with follow me feature, which can be activated when you turn on the drone. 

When you are flying the drone in Follow Me Mode, The drone will fly towards your mobile device location, much like a GPS-guided quadcopter that tracks its position via satellite.

GPS Home Auto Return

One of its main features is the "Auto Return" function that lets the drone fly back to you as soon as it loses connection with your smartphone or if it runs out of battery. 

This feature comes in handy when you are flying over a big area and lose sight of your drone, which could have easily crashed if this feature didn't exist.

Headless Mode

It comes with headless mode, which protects it from losing its direction while flying. It also makes this drone easy to operate. 

It is equipped with a six-axis gyroscope to allow stable flight and easy maneuvering, especially for beginners who have never flown a drone before. 

With this feature, there is no need to adjust the position of the drone before taking off or landing because it will automatically adjust its positioning following your direction when you are controlling it by using your remote control. 

The adjustable mode allows you to enjoy the flight at your preferred angle or experience an exciting flight with 360-degree flips.

Altitude Hold

This quadcopter also has altitude hold so that you can release the throttle stick, and it will hover at whatever altitude you desire.

When there is no control signal coming from your transmitter, the drone will hover at its current position to avoid further drifting away.

 While in this mode, you can freely operate your mobile phone to take photos or videos without worrying about controlling the drone, which allows you to capture some great footage.

Emergency Stop

The Holy Stone Hs100 drone features the most unique "emergency stop" feature that is possible to find on any drone. It has a one-button dead man switch that the user can push whenever their flight goes awry. The good news is, it's not just an empty promise!

Suppose you are unfortunate enough to experience a signal or video transmission loss with your remote control unit. In that case, this safety feature will immediately bring the drone back to its starting point.

Holy Stone HS100 Drone

Upgraded 2K Camera 

Holy Stone HS100 supports FPV real-time transmission with a 2K camera and 720P HD camera; thus, your flight will be smooth.

While the previous model can only record video to a micro SD card, this time, it records videos to its 4GB internal storage. That means you no longer need to bring extra memory cards when you are outside shooting videos or pictures. It also comes with three-speed modes.

A 2K camera is just like its name, and it's twice the resolution of an HD one. It means that each frame taken by the camera will contain more pixels than an HD camera would. The result is more precise and sharper images with more details than what you get from an HD camera.

The 2MP(2 megapixels)  camera can take photos of 720P HD images and record videos of 1280 x 720P at 30fps, which allows you to capture stunning aerial photography anytime and anywhere!

App Control

Holy Stone Hs 100 Drone comes with App control feature. It is fitted with a built-in GPS positioning system that allows the quadcopter to return to its take-off point if the connection is lost and quickly recover when it goes out of range. 

This technology also enables the return home function, so even if you lose sight of the drone, it will still come back to where it took off from.

You can also adjust the height of the drone while flying or hovering. What’s more, you can even take photos/videos while flying it. 

Long Control Range

Holy Stone HS100 Drone possesses a control range of 600 meters, up to 3 times as much as those of similar products on the market. It allows you to take photos and videos from the air with the drone flying at the height of 120 meters.

The long flying range allows you to take fantastic aerial photos and videos without disturbing the drone. The powerful function of this product will give you a new experience.

Large Quadcopter& wind-resistant

The wind-resistant feature and the large size of this drone make it perfect for people who want to capture aerial images and videos.

Easy Assembly

The Holy Stone HS100 is easy to set up and carry. It comes with pre-assembled and foldable propellers.

What Makes Holy Stone HS100 Drone Stand Out?

One of the first things you will notice about this drone is its user-friendliness. Not only does it come with a controller, but it also has an onboard 2K camera for pictures and videos.

 The upgraded camera with FPV real-time transmission takes 720P, 2-megapixel photos, and records video in full HD. When you add the wide-angle view, you capture spectacular views and stunning aerial photography.

It also has a flight time of 18 minutes, which is excellent for drones at this price point.

The intelligent flight control system allows anyone to fly this gadget without any experience or knowledge of operating a drone. 

Its small and lightweight design makes it worthwhile both indoors and outdoors. 

It has a built-in 6-axis gyroscope and 3D lock flying system to ensure the stability of flight. The 2.4G technology makes flying the drone in many directions and at high speed with a smooth transition.

The drone has four channels to control ascending/descending, forward/backward, left/right sideward flight, and rotation, respectively.

Who Is The Holy Stone HS100 Drone Best For?

Holy Stone HS100 is an excellent drone ideal for beginners. It offers impressive flight capabilities, stability, and maneuverability. This drone has many valuable features that make flying easier and more fun, such as the headless mode and one-button return feature. 

The 6-axis gyro system makes it easy to fly, with stable hovering and flexible rolling.


Low price for a drone of its class

Long control range of 600Metres

Easy to fly and control

Upgraded 2K camera


    • Long charging hours of 3hours

Has no obstacle avoidance feature and thus can only fly on open fields

It has no gimbal stabilizer; hence footage taken could be shaky during windy conditions


The Holy Stone HS100 Drone is the best drone for a newbie who can't afford to spend thousands on a professional level drone. You may want to think about purchasing this drone if you are looking for one of the best drones under $200.

It comes with all the essential features you need to fly it, and it's pretty durable, so there's less of a chance of damaging it!

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