Holy Stone HS 165 Drone Review

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Holy Stone HS165


The Holy Stone HS165 is a good drone by the popular Holy Stone brand. The Holy Stone brand is a household name in the drone industry and has other successful models. 

The blog is all about the HS165, which is a powerful foldable drone. If you are new to drones, it's better to go for the affordable drone models in the market. 

It's not wise to spend a fortune on a drone, yet you are still figuring out how to operate it. However, it doesn't mean that you can't buy a high-quality drone. 

The HS165 is an affordable drone that has several high-level features that will certainly impress you. 
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  • Modern Design 

The design of the Holy Stone HS165 is modern and elegant. The drone is perfectly built with high-quality plastic and has a nice dark color. The Holy Stone drones usually have a similar design, and the HS165 is no exception. 

The quality plastic material makes the drone so durable, and you can switch or replace pieces like the propellers, protectors, etc. Its dimension is 11.81 x 8.31 x 3.39 inches with a weight of six ounces. 

The drone has a decent size for handling, and all the controls and adjustments can happen from the controller. The HS165 has a smartphone attachment that allows it to fly in FPV. 

The drone appearance is that classic quadcopter look that's without or with the protective propeller blades. Therefore you can choose to purchase what you like; the body also has landing legs and a great camera of 1080p for video recording.

  • Range   

The maximum horizontal flying distance of the Holy Stone HS165 is 400m, and the maximum vertical distance is 120m, using the remote controller. It's a very impressive range for a drone this small. You will be able to document objects and physical features that are hard to access. 

The HS165 has a 2.4 GHz transmitter with an ergonomic design and is lightweight; this allows it to fit your palms perfectly. The controls are straightforward, and this makes the drone easy to use. 

The drone transmitter has a 3.7V 300mAh Lion-Polymer battery which can run up to thirty minutes. The battery is preinstalled and rechargeable. 

The drone has a smartphone attachment in the middle that can accommodate a big phone. Thus the drone can fly with the help of Wi-Fi to a maximum range of approximately 300m.

  • Camera 

The camera is actually among the best features of this camera. The camera is 1080 p HD, allowing you to record the clearest videos or take photos. 

The angle view of the camera is 90 degrees wide-angle, and you can capture shots and video recordings that have more details. 

The bad thing is that you will not get the 4K capabilities, but the resolution is great enough for your personal or home videos. You can also enjoy live HD video footage transmission from your smartphone. 

The drone has a 5G WI-Fi capability that makes the experience better and fulfilling. The camera lacks an image stabilization gimbal; however, the drone's 6-axis gyroscope reduces distortion in your images and videos. 

  • Holy Stone App 

The Holy Stone app allows you to change some default settings while flying the HS-165. You can use the app from your phone; however, you need to install the app first. 

After installation, you should find its Wi-Fi SSID in the Wi-Fi settings from your smartphone. When you find it, connect and launch the Holy Stone application. 

You can then select the Holy Stone drone from the list, and everything will be great. The app has a great user interface that's easy to understand and use since it does not have many buttons. 

The most important information does appear at the top of the app; you can see the number of satellites found. The app also has an icon that shows the battery status and has buttons that you can use to take pictures or start a video, start the follow mode, etc. 

You can only make certain changes from the app, such as altitude and flight distance. They both can be preset to 30m. 

  • The Flying Experience 

The HS 165 is straightforward to fly; the drone is perfect for beginners and advanced drone enthusiasts. From the drone app, you will love how the videos look great while using the flight modes: 

  • Orbit Mode: in this mode, the drone orbits at the point of interest from a certain distance and height that you choose. The selfies you capture from this mode will impress all who are in the photo. 

  • Follow me mode: It's another special mode of the HS 165 drone. It's great for those that love hiking, running, cycling, etc. When you turn this mode on, the drone follows you to anyplace that you go. Therefore you will get great video footage for all your activities, and you can keep them as wonderful memories as time passes. 

  • Tap fly mode: It's another interesting and useful mode that will help you create great content. To successfully use this mode, you need to draw a custom path on the Holy Stone app. The drone will follow the path while on autopilot mode and will return to its original starting point. 

  • The Automatic return home B: It’s among the most important modes that reduce the chances of losing the drone. There is the return home button; the drone will come back using the GPS when you press it. The good thing about this mode is that it automatically turns on when the battery power is low or loses connection with the hs165 drone.

Holy Stone HS165


  • The Flight Time 

The total flight time of the Holy Stone HS165 is 28 minutes on a full charge. It's enough and a good time for a quadcopter in this price range. 

With this flight time, you can take several selfies or record great videos. The charging time of the batteries takes approximately 120 minutes. 

However, for beginners, you should purchase extra batteries so you can learn, discover and enjoy the different and great features of this drone. 

Why Holy Stone HS165 Drone Stand Out?

The drone is pocket-size but has several great features. The first feature that many love is the 1080p HD camera. The camera ability is huge for a camera within its price range. 

The camera will not only allow you to take high-quality videos and images, but you will also be able to stream high-quality live footage from your phone and share it with friends and family. 

The other thing is that the drone is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry when traveling. The small build does not limit this drone; it has a high-quality plastic construction that offers maximum protection to the interior in case of crashes or bumps. 

The transmitter design is ergonomic, making it comfortable in the hands, and you can use it for long periods. In addition, the controls are perfectly marked, making it easy for the new users to operate. 

The flight time is also impressive and rivals the drones that have higher price tags. The drone and the controller have new modular range batteries that increase their batteries. 

However, you can add some extra batteries to increase the playtime. The drone has several intelligent flight modes that improve performance in the air and ensure that safe flight is okay. It makes the experience of both beginners and advanced players great.

Who Is The Holy Stone HS165 Drone Best For?

Overall, the Holy Stone HS165 is a nice drone choice for beginners and advanced drone lovers who want an affordable drone. The drone has some great features that you will be lucky to find in a drone in its price range. 

The other thing that makes it ideal for beginners is that it's easy to fly. Advanced drone enthusiasts will enjoy the great drone features with quality specifications. Therefore if you need an affordable drone, you can invest in the Holy Stone HS165.


    Compact and portable
    Quality camera


    No obstacle avoidance


The Holy Stone HS165 is a great and affordable drone with impressive features such as flight performance. It can be a perfect choice for any drone enthusiast that needs an affordable drone. 

The drone has a powerful camera of 1080p HD and several smart modes that will surely add to your experience. The drone is compact, which increases portability, plus the plastic material is high quality and thus resistant. 

However, you need to note that the drone lacks an obstacle sensor, making it only perfect for use in the open field with few to no impediments.


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