Holy Stone HS 110 review

Perfect For Beginners

Holy Stone is a household name in the drone industry. The brand is known for its affordable drones. Today drones are pretty popular, and the manufacturers are making sophisticated machines with exciting applications. 

The drones use the latest technologies that allow easy maneuverability, excellent camera capabilities, and incredible mid-air stunts. The Holy Stone Company incorporates all these features in their drones while keeping them affordable. 

The Holy Stone HS 110 is a model that offers quality performance, durability, and affordability. This article will learn more about the Holy Stone HS 110 review, the specification, features, etc.

Holy Stone HS 110



  • Camera 

The quadcopter has a small HD camera that takes 2MP photos, which is quite good considering the drone's price. The camera can also shoot stills at 1280 x 720 and has a 120-degree field of view. 

Therefore you can capture shots with decent quality from above. The camera is 720p, and this allows you to record explicit videos. Even though it lacks the 4K resolution, you can still capture great memories with your family and friends. 

The best way to take clear pictures (not blurry) is by engaging in the hover mode before taking any pictures. It's because the camera sensor is not that fast to stay in pace with the drone's speed. 

On the downside, you cannot rotate or angle the camera to get that broader view. To take photos at an angle, you have to manipulate the yaw and then pitch of the drone. 

The beginners will find this being so challenging. However, the camera quality of the HS 110 does not offer much quality like what you get on high-end drones. 

It's an ideal drone for anyone who is only looking to have fun with an affordable quadcopter. After getting some experience, the hobbyist can then move to more professional and great-quality drones.

  • Durability

It's among the critical features that you need to consider when buying a drone. Durability is more important for beginners because there are times you will hit the drone on trees etc. 

Therefore, any beginner requires a reliable and solid drone; this will make your learning process so smooth. 

The Holy Stone HS 110 material is the high-grade plastic known as the ABS plastic that can withstand impact. Few run-ins on objects and fall from a decent height will not affect the interior parts of the drone. 

  • The Battery Life 

The flight time is essential and has a direct relation with the battery strength and life. Drones need a considerable amount of power to stay in the air for long periods. The Holy Stone HS110D is rechargeable, and therefore you will not have the worries of buying batteries each now and then. 

The drone charges through a USB port, and depending on your needs, it’s possible to add extra batteries. With several batteries, you can rotate them as other charges, giving you longer flight hours.

  • Flight  

The HS 110 drone does not take long to get off the ground. It has a one-key take-off mechanism that allows the drone to take off. The button is also for landing the drone. 

You can adjust the drone's speed, and it has a very responsive transmitter that makes the drone easy to handle by beginners. The quadcopter has an altitude hold functionality that allows you to hover the drone mid-air. 

With the feature, you will plan how the drone can take pictures while in the air. The accelerator joystick helps you position your drone, or you can use it to ascend or descend your quadcopter to your liking. 

Another excellent flight feature is the headless mode; it lets you fly the drone without worrying about the position or orientation of the drone in the air. The Holy Stone HS 110 also has four-speed adjustment functionality, but this is ideal for advanced users. 

The one-button landing and take-off feature make it easy to take off and land the drone. This feature will be handy if you are still a beginner and do not know how to land the drone without breaking it perfectly. 

The quadcopter is not ideal for indoors, but you can fly it at night because of its LED navigation lights. The HS 110 drone has a return home function that is unique and extremely useful. 

The drone automatically comes back to you with the return home feature when the battery charge is low. It follows the GPS. The feature is quite advanced for a mid-range drone and is excellent for amateurs since it does not lose control over the drones.

Holy Stone HS 110


  • Range 

The Holy Stone HS 110 range is between 50 meters to 100 meters. It's a good range and can be so comfortable for beginners. The controller remote is 2.4 GHz that is ergonomic and has high-quality plastic material.  The controller uses the AA battery but is still light, and this makes it fun to use. You can select the power mode you want to use from the remote controller; they are 25%, to 50% to 100%. Therefore you can choose the power level that you feel is comfortable for your needs. It's also possible to experiment with the drone's capabilities from the controller, such as doing maneuvers or flips.

  • Drone Design 

The HS 110 is a big quadcopter but lightweight. The camera is right under the drone and the battery plugging in the rear. The LEDs are right below the arm, and this makes them so visible. 

Therefore, you will know if the pairing between the transmitter and the drone is successful or unsuccessful. The LED also notifies about the GPS lock and battery status. 

The blade guards do not have much effect, you can remove them, but you need to be highly confident about your quadcopter flying skills. The built quality of the HS 110 is one of the best highlights of the drone. The build indeed outdoes most drones that have higher prices than it. 

  • The Speed 

 The Holy Stone HS 110 is not a speed demon, but it's pretty swift in a calm or windless atmosphere. The lightweight makes the drone agile in the air. The drone comes with various speed levels, which are low, medium, high, and expert. 

You can select the one you love as you continue practicing and developing your handling skills. If you are a beginner, you need to begin from the low-speed mode to practice the basics before going to the higher levels. 

You will have enough time to practice various skills before going for the high-end drones with more advanced features. 

Because of its lightweight, the drone is not wind resistant, and this is something you need to consider if you will be flying it outdoors. As mentioned, the best time to fly the Holy Stone HS 110 is when the environment is calm or indoors. 

  • Controller 

Considering its price, the HS110 comes with a great controller. The controller has an LCD built-in display that shows a lot of information such as speed, active features, and status. 

The controller is large, comfortable, and easy to use. However, the controller does not come with any descriptions or instructions. The holy stone controller has trimming buttons that keep it steady. 

The headless mode function makes the controller more fun; it will feel more like a steering wheel. The other downside of the controller is that it can only transmit or receive signals up to only 50m. 

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What Makes The Holy Stone HS 110 Stand Out?

The HS 110 is easy to use, and this makes it ideal for beginners. The camera is not that powerful but is excellent for a drone in its price range.

The drone also has some fantastic features like flight and durability; you will indeed have a great experience with it. 

Who Is The Holy Stone HS 110 Drone Best For?

The Holy Stone HS 110 is a great drone and perfect for beginner pilots. If you are learning how to fly drones, you can start with the HS 110 because it's affordable. 

You can then upgrade to the larger and high-end drones, which have advanced features. The HS 110 also has advanced features, but you go for a drone with powerful features as a professional videographer or photographer. 


    Easy to use


    Low controller range

Bottom Line

if you consider its price, the HS110 drone has excellent features. The drone comes with everything you need, such as the 720 p camera, controller with LED, etc. You need to know that most drones in their price range do not feature the 720p camera. 

The Holy Stone is among the top contender drones for beginners. With all the features, the Holy Stone is the best available option in its price range. 

Some cons, like the size and controller range, are common in almost all entry-level drones. Therefore the HS110 will help you get the experience you need before going for high-end drones. 

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