GPS drones

GPS drones

The drones nowadays have excellent GPS facilities with a 4K camera to fit all your needs. These GPS drones have two flying options- autopilot and manual flight. Along with GPS and excellent cameras, these drones are also affordable on the market. For those who are aerial photography enthusiasts, drones with the autopilot feature are a great choice. During autopilot like waypoint features, the drone is capable of taking excellent aerial photography.

The drone must have a GPS feature for 3D mapping, aerial photography, and multispectral imaging for agriculture sectors. These drones have collision detection technologies, waypoints, RTH features that come in handy for any beginners.

Numerous drones use a GPS association through the airplane, controller, or both; however, they hardly stand apart over the rest. A drone with RTK, short for Real-Time Kinematic, will offer the absolute best in-flight accuracy. RTK is a GPS remedy innovation that joins the association with satellites with photographs and situates to a realized ground station.


FollowMe is one of the best features of a GPS drone. With this option, the drone follows wherever you go and allows you to take excellent pictures and videos. Done with FollowMe feature have been around since 2016 and had been a growing trend ever since.

These drones usually have features like:

1. Points of Interest
2. Terrain Follow
3. ActiveTrack
4. Waypoints

Point of Interest:

Point Of Interest is one of the intelligent flight modes available in most high-end drones like DJI Mavic series, Phantom series, and Autel drones. This feature allows the drone to hover perfectly using an advanced flight positioning system, thus helping you to take excellent photos and videos. To set up the point of interest:

1. Fly above the subject you want to capture
2. Activate the Point Of Interest feature
3. Set your point of interests
4. Adjust your altitude and radius
5. Set your speed and flight direction
Capture amazing aerial footage

Terrain Follow:

This feature allows the drone to follow the subject on uneven surfaces by using pre-determined heights. This feature comes in handy during an uphill flight. When you fly downhill, you have to control the drone manually. This feature is safe to use and also reliable


DJI first introduced this feature in their Phantom series. This is the advanced version of the FollowMe feature with more accuracy. You can mark and track multiple objects via the screen on your controlling device without any external tracker. This feature is available in most of the DJI drones.


Waypoint is a set of coordinates that identify points in the substantial space. This feature is available in the drones which use GPS and GLONASS ( Global Navigation Satellite System). You can map the points you desire and specify the location for smooth hovering. You can save the flightpaths for further use.

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