Drone for kids

Drone for kids

“Buying a drone for kids can be a challenging thing. So you’ll want a drone that is both user-friendly and affordable. We all know that children are great imitators; So give them something great to imitate”

Children are not only playful but also curious by nature. Their curiosity increases day by day as they explore more about the world. So if your kids come running to about wanting a drone its natural. Well, who doesn’t want those little flying miracles which have created a revolution in the aerial aviation industry.  Since there are many drones on the market to choose from you will need some information about which drones are appropriate for children. Some drones are meant only for professionals. The cost factor also plays a major role in buying them since it’s an expensive industry. But as an adult, we have the responsibility to give them the best for their welfare and safety.

There are a lot of drones that are specifically made by toy manufactures. The best kids drone has features that are easy to fly. But some drones (weighing more than 0.55 pounds) requires Aviation approval in some countries (Mostly USA, Canada). I’ve given some guidelines to know before buying a drone for your kids.

Things to know before purchasing a kid’s drone:
Propeller guard:

The first and the foremost important thing to know before buying is: “is its safety”. Since it’s for kid’s safety measures are important. It’s recommended checking that the drone you purchase comes with a propeller guard.


Some kids are excited to buy a drone because of its ability to take exciting aerial photographs. So if your kids need a drone for photography purpose then make sure to buy one with HD camera.

Flight time:

Another thing to consider is its flight time. Some drones that are cheap on the market may have a longer charging time but have less flight time. This might disappoint the kids and make them less enthused. So be careful to check the battery life before purchasing your new drone for your child.

Stable hovering:

Since this new drone will be for kids, anything with basic aviation features is recommended. To get control of a drone might be a bit tricky for kids so any drone with altitude enhanced control is suggested.


The best kids drones are available on the market for around 50$. These drones have features of an average toy which is still fun for kids. But once the need for a camera and high-end control increases so does the price.

Special features:

Some of the high-end beginner drones has special features such as RTH (Return to home), obstacle sensors and advanced level control systems. So better know if you need a drone that has these features.

Best drone for kids 2021:

  • Supernova Gravity Defying Hand-Controlled Flying Orb
  • Syma X5C-1
  • Potensic A20
  • Hubsan Nano Q4 SE
  • Holy Stone HS110D
  • Ryze Tech Tello
  • DJI Mavic Mini
  • Hubsan H502S Desire

1. Supernova Gravity Defying Hand-Controlled Flying Orb:

With delicate design and fun to control drone!

Age recommendation 12 months +
Dimensions 12 x 8 x 5.2 inches
Weight 11 ounces
Recommendation meter 5

The best part about this little drone is the way it is controlled. Yes! You read the title right. It is controlled by hand gestures. While the durability and safety are appreciated what makes it more fun is its control which the kids will appreciate. They are also controlled with over 30 moves and there are also 9 tricks to increase the kids fun. Spin, orbit, dance and disco. You name it! This Supernova “Super Orb” is capable of doing them.

Note: This aviation toy was awarded the best by Toy Insider, Parent magazine and UK Independent Toy award.

Reasons to buy:

  • Sturdy design
  • Fun to control
  • Lightweight

Things to note:

  • The flight distance is limited

Bestseller (lists)

Air Hogs - Supernova, Gravity Defying Hand-Controlled Flying Orb, for Ages 8 and Up Toys & Games

  • CONTROL WITH YOUR HANDS: Unleash the Air Hogs Supernova using the power of your hands. Equipped with an intelligent on-board system, its motion sensitive lights & sensors will respond to your commands. No remote control needed, just toss it into the air!
  • MASTER THE MOVES: There are over 30 moves & 9 super tricks that you can master ranging from simple to complex! You can make the Air Hogs Supernova orbit around you, disco dance, spin & more. Play solo or multiply your fun b... Read More

2. Syma X5C 4

The ultimate flight experience for kids.

Age recommendation 14 Yrs +
Dimensions 16.5 x 12.2 x 3.8 inches
Weight 1.6 pounds
Recommendation meter 5

The Syma sure know how to produce the best drone for kids. Their latest arrival drone for beginners is a perfect example. It can perform a perfect 360-degree roll which will interest the kids. It also has a built-in 6 axis gyroscope which provides stable hovering which s appreciated.

The Syma X5C 4 boasts about its reaction speed which is 100 times faster than any other radio control in the industry. The flight time is a decent 7 minutes so its pretty neat for 40$. But keeping these functions aside what intrigues one to buy this drone is that it is equipped with an HD camera so that puts this drone in our highly recommended list. You can shoot photos and videos with a click of a finger. So, kids who want to practice aerial photography, the Syma X5C 4 will be of great use.

Reasons to buy:

  • 360-degree flips and roll
  • Budget-friendly
  • HD camera

Things to note:

  • Lightweight so should be careful on outdoors

Bestseller (lists)

Syma X5C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Explorers Quad Copter w/ Camera Toys & Games

  • Equipped with HD camera.
  • Perform flips at the press of a button with 360 degree eversion, Wind resistant and can be flown indoors or outdoors
  • 6-axis Gyro stabilization system ensures maximum stability during flight
  • 7 Minute flight time and 100 minute charge time.
  • Kindly refer the User manual for troubleshooting steps.... Read More

3. Potensic A20

Fly anytime anywhere with controls designed for kids.

Age recommendation 14 Yrs +
Dimensions 3.1 x 1.25 x 3.5 inches
Weight 0.41 pounds
Recommendation meter 5

The design of Potensic A20 is compact and durable for kids use. With its innovative “Headless mode” you can control your little drone inside your room or under a stable weather condition. It is easy to play since it has altitude hold and is eve =n provides one key take-off and landing which adds even more fun.

When considering the speed of the drone, it is provided with three different option so that you can adapt it to the required environment. And even if you crash it, don’t worry. It has safety protection guards around its propellers. What makes it a difficult consideration is that its battery is clumsy. So the flight time and duration comes to our view. But nonetheless, it’s an excellent choice for kids who wants to have fun with a safe drone indoors.

Reasons to buy:

  • Compact design
  • Propeller guard

Things to note:

  • The battery needs improvement.

Bestseller (lists)

Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone Easy to Fly Drone for Kids and Beginners, Indoor Outdoor RC Helicopter Quadcopter with Auto Hovering, Headless Mode, Remote Control and 3 Batteries for Boys Girls Toys & Games

  • Easy to Play: With altitude hold, headless mode and One Key Taking-off / Landing, mini drone is easier to control and stabilize during flight.
  • Having Fun for More Time: Drone for Kids and Beginners include 3 batteries. Flight time up to 15-18 minutes.
  • Headless Mode: You could control the Small drone fly toward any directions by remote controller.
  • 3 Speed: RC helicopter have three different flight speeds. You can use it in different flying environments and feel diffe... Read More

4. Hubsan Nano Q4 SE H002

Easy-to-control drone with salient features.

Age recommendation 14 Yrs +
Dimensions 4.92 x 3.27 x 3.43 inches
Weight 0.35 pounds
Recommendation meter 5

Hubsan has created some of the revolutionary drones for both beginners and professional cinematographers. But what makes this Hubsan Nano Q4 amazing is its incredibly compact design that is easily portable. So your kids can take their flight adventures anywhere with minimal efforts.

Added advantages of this nano drone is its 6-axis flight control equipped with gyro sensitivity which provides stable hovering. And it is also provided with built-in LED so that it is easy to navigate both indoor and outdoor. And with 720pi camera its a treat for photography newbies who want to excel in aerial photography. In spite of its compact volume, the Hubsan nano Q4 provides stable flight hovering and essay to operate. And for a nano drone, its is given with 6-7 mins flight time, with battery charging time for about 30 mins.

Reasons to buy:

  • Compact and easily portable
  • Includes camera
  • Highly affordable

Take note:

  • No propeller guard

Bestseller (lists)

HUBSAN H002 Nano Q4 CAM Plus 2.4GHz 4CH 6-axis Headless Mode Mini Resistance RC Quadcopter with 480P Camera Toys & Games

  • Latest 6-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity
  • Equip with 480P Camera and Nano Q4 FPV/Photograph/Recording .
  • 4 channel transmitter:Ascend/Descend;Forward/Backward; Left/Right; Left/Right rotation.
  • 360 ° flips & rolls permit super stable flight.
  • Colorful flashing light, keep your aircraft flying at night conspicuous.... Read More

5. Holy Stone HS110D

A kids drone with a complete package for fun.

Age recommendation 14 Yrs +
Dimensions 12.6 x 12.6 x 3.54 inches
Weight 0.33 pounds
Recommendation meter 5

This futuristic innovation by HolyStone will be liked by both kids and adults for its excellent features and design. It is equipped with a 1080pi HD camera which helps you to capture significant moments in life and expands your creative side. The controller is exciting because you can mount your smartphone to its controller and can explore the fight in your hands with the APP. The app includes voice control, gesture control, gravity sensor ad Trajectory flight sensors.

“ALTITUDE HOLD” is an exciting feature that helps you to capture the subject seamlessly without any distortion. The flight time is 20 mins for an average charge which is appreciable. It also comes with “Headless mode” and 3D flip feature which is even more exciting. But everything has its price and with these many features, you can buy this at Amazon for 60$. And the best thing? It also comes with propeller protection.

Reasons to buy:

  • HD camera
  • Propeller protection
  • Mobile control

Take note:

  • Little pricy than a toy drone.
  • App interface needs improvement

Bestseller (lists)

Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone with 1080P HD Camera Live Video 120°Wide-Angle WiFi Quadcopter with Gravity Sensor, Voice Control, Gesture Control, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 3D Flip RTF 2 Batteries Toys & Games

  • 1080P FOV 120° HD FPV Camera: You can capture memorable moments with distortion-free and view images on your phone from the wide-angel lens. The app enables you to expand your creativity further and share it on social media with ease.
  • Altitude hold: When you focus on shooting images, you may set your hands off the joystick and the drone still suspend in mid-air with locked altitude. A perfect drone for beginners, kids, starters, or newbies to have a easy and stable flight experienc... Read More

6. Ryze Tech Tello

The best Edutainment drone for kids.

Age recommendation 14 Yrs +
Dimensions 3.86 x 3.66 x 1.61 inches
Weight 0.175 pounds
Recommendation meter 5

For kids truly keen on flying drones as a hobby, the Ryze Tello, which was made as a team with Intel and drone expert DJI, is the ideal spot to begin. Specifically, experts acclaim it for its security: While it can act unpredictably in wind, the overall agreement is that it's anything but difficult to control, in any event, for learners. Its camera, while nothing stunning in the great plan of cameras, catches great 720p video and 5-megapixel photographs — obviously better than some other camera drone on this rundown. This smaller than expected drone additionally has a great flight season of 13 minutes, so kids won't be compelled to quit rehearsing similarly as they're getting its hang.

One drawback: The Tello drone doesn't accompany a regulator. On the off chance that you need one, you'll need to get it independently. Notwithstanding, fledgelings ought to get by fine utilizing their cell phones and the Tello application. (Any video you take will transfer straightforwardly to your gadget.)

At long last, the Tello is viable with Scratch, an MIT-created coding program intended for kids. This implies children can design the Tello's flight designs ahead of time, getting a touch of coding information while they play. For guardians, that is a major success.

Reasons to buy:

  • The flight range of about 100meters
  • Includes camera

Take note:

  • Charging time is higher
  • Expensive relatively compared to other drones

Bestseller (lists)

Ryze Tech Tello - Mini Drone Quadcopter UAV for Kids Beginners 5MP Camera HD720 Video 13min Flight Time Education Scratch Programming Toy Selfies, powered by DJI, White Toys & Games

  • Equipped with a high-quality image processor, the Tello drone shoots incredible photos and videos. Even if you don’t know how to fly, you can record pro-level videos with EZ Shots and share them on social media from your smartphone.
  • Camera features 5MP (2592x1936) photos and HD720 videos at a maximum flight time of 13 minutes.
  • Tello has two antennas that make video transmission extra stable and a high-capacity battery that offers impressively long flight times.
  • Read More

7. DJI Mavic Mini

Best “photography” drone with excellent features!

Age recommendation 14 Yrs +
Dimensions 9.21 x 3.31 x 6.97 inches
Weight 1.1 pound
Recommendation meter 5

The impact and revolution Dji has created in the drone in limitless. With improved features and the latest control system, the Mavic family of the DJI has never failed to impress us. With its new Mavic mini drone, it has made it easy for kids and adults alike to experience best RC aviation adventure.

If your kid is looking for a drone with best camera features, look no further. This Mavic mini drone has a 12MP camera capable of shooting sharp and precise images and can record video at 2.7K resolution. You can record video from up to 2.5 miles. The flight time of 30 mins is a dealbreaker. But if you are looking to gift please know that it is a little pricy (400$ at Amazon).

Reasons to buy:

  • Excellent camera quality
  • Flight time - 30 minutes.
  • High-end controller and can be connected to the app.

Take note:

  • Highly expensive for kids drone.

Bestseller (lists)

DJI Mavic Mini Combo Drone Quadcopter 2.7K Camera, Less than 0.55lbs, 30 Minute Flight Time with Samsung 128GB MicroSDXC 100MB/s Memory Card and Adapter Toys & Games

  • The Drone and MicroSD Card May Ship Separately
  • This bundle contains the DJI Mavic Mini Combo with a Samsung 128gb MicroSD Card
  • Drone: Weighing less than 0.55 lbs (250 grams), Mavic Mini is almost as light as the average smartphone in the United States and Canada. you can fly this camera drone without the need to register your drone with the government
  • Drone: Mavic Mini supports 12MP aerial photos and 2 7K HD videos A 3-axis motorized gimbal provides superior camera ... Read More

8. Hubsan H502S Desire

An affordable drone with FPV feature!

Age recommendation 14 Yrs +
Dimensions 9.45 x 9.45 x 5.51 inches
Weight 2.05 pound
Recommendation meter 5

It should be noted that Hubsan H502S Desire was the first toy drone launched by Hubsan company. Since then it has fascinated its users. The major difference between its other elite Hubsan drone family is that Hubsan H502S comes with brushed motors. Even though the flight speed and duration is relatively less than other drones in the list, its still a better choice. The price has dropped vastly that its initial release and now you can get one for about 100$ at Amazon. The principal reason to buy this drone is that it comes with FPV feature which gives an exhilarating for any kids who flies the drone for the first time.

The camera included is capable of taking videos and photographs which will be sufficient for kids level drone.

Some of the special features  provided by Hubsan H502S is

  • GPS Follow me: Once enabled, allows the drone to follow you wherever you go.
  • Headless mode: This mode helps the user to navigate the drone, as an expert.
  • GPS Automatic return: This feature allows the drone to its original destination with one click.

Reasons to buy:

  • GPS Follow up and Automatic return feature
  • FPV feature for an affordable price

Take note:

  • Flight time is comparatively less.
  • Doesn’t come with propeller guards.

Bestseller (lists)

HUBSAN H502S X4 FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera GPS Toys & Games

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