DJI fpv drone

DJI fpv drone review

It's a bird… It's a plane… It's the new DJI FPV drone.

Our Verdict:

     FPV drones are always fun to own and fly. We have wanted an FPV drone from the drone industry king, DJI, and finally,  it has arrived. And we should say that our expectations have been met, for the most part. Though the DJI FPV drone has some minor setbacks, this drone creates an excellent first impression among users. With the FPV goggles and controller and their drone priced around $1299, this is a perfect start for DJI to make their first mark on the FPV drone segment. The flight experience makes you feel like Superman with a controller. They have conquered the drone section with DJI Mavic and DJI Phantom series. We hope that this will be the start of something extraordinary, and we would like to witness more improved FPV drones from DJI. 

Why we think you should try out the new DJI FPV drone:

  1. The control sync is fast and reliable. 
  2. The controls are simple to handle and suitable for beginner-level users. 
  3. The battery life is relatively longer than other usual FPV drones. 
  4. The goggles give you an immersive FPV experience. 
  5. Ready to fly after unboxing. 
  6. Comes with GPS and obstacle sensors. 
  7. The 4K camera quality is exciting with steady gimbal support. 

Things you should note:

  1. It does not come with a carrying case. 
  2. This drone is a bit more expensive than other FPV drones. 
  3. It is not suitable for professional still photography. 
  4. It would be best if you had spotters for using outdoors in the US. 


Camera Flight time Dimension  Item weight Max speed
12 MP, 4K/60 fps, 150-degree FOV 20 min 10.0×12.3×5.0 in. 1.75 pounds 140 kph

Design and Built quality:

     If you are a beginner with FPV drones, then this DJI FPV drone is a perfect choice for you. There is no fuss in assembling the drone since it is designed with the "plug and play" feature. The body is sturdy and well built. The drone is slightly heavier than other FPV drones due to its big battery. But in this case, "bigger is better" is one of the advantages of this drone. You get around 20 minutes of flight time, which is considered higher in the FPV drone category. Once you unbox the drone and switch it on, it automatically connects with the FPV goggles and controller. The drone is small in size, but unlike other DJI drones out there, it is not a foldable one. The take-off weight is 1.75 pounds which is lighter than DJI Mavic 2 pro. 

     This does not fit into any camera bag, and with the controller and FPV goggles, you may need a drone bag for sure. The look of this drone is quite stunning. This is one of the best-looking drones released by DJI so far. That being said, the material of this DJI FPV drone is made of mostly plastic. Unlike the other FPV community, which operates mainly carbon fiber for their drones, it is a surprise that DJI opted for plastic. We guess it is because the light body makes them go faster. The design shows us that this drone is made for racing purposes, and the FPV goggles are an added advantage. But make sure you don't crash this drone often because the outer body is light. It may feel hard on the hand, that's primarily because of its hefty battery. 

Camera quality:

     The front-facing camera is quality built, and the video streaming quality is crisp. This DJI FPV allows you to take 4K video at 60FPS, making your videos more detailed and visceral quality. The 12-megapixel camera is enough to make your racing experience out of the world (literally). If you record at 1080pi, you get 120FPS video with more added to detail quality. You need to get familiar with the drone and the camera setting with the goggles, so you can get the perfect aerial view while flying them. The two-axis gimbal is a good touch for a steady footage quality. The video quality is not that great compared to other DJI drones. But, when it comes to the FPV point of view, this camera quality offers more than other FPV drones. 

     The super-wide view of 150 degrees is much more than DJI mini two has to offer. When you have your own experience with the drone, you will feel like you are the drone. In any case, if you wreck the camera or the other parts, know that you can easily replace them. That is one of the best features of this DJI drone. You can order them directly from any online website (like Amazon) or the official DJI store. Though it has some pretty good video and image quality, it lacks some features like object tracking or any feature to lock a specific subject of the footage. But this DJI drone is a great racing buddy for people into drone racing, and the camera makes sure you get detailed footage of the world around you. 


     There are three flight modes in this FPV drone: normal, sports and manual. The S-mode is an excellent add-on to the flight features. The maximum the drone can reach is 140 kph in manual mode, 27 m/s in sports mode and 15 m/s in normal mode. When you are using the manual mode, you are in total control of the drone's position, and you need a lot of experience with it if you are a beginner. If you can't control them, then your drone is prone to damage. Traditional FPV drones are built for speed flight and control. But this DJI drone has combined the flight feature with a top-quality visual experience with the goggles, which makes it a bit ahead of other FPV drones. 

     If you are a beginner to FPV drones, you should try out the drone with standard flight settings. This feature uses the drone's front and bottom positioning sensors and controls them. But unlike other DJI drones, the obstacle sensing feature is tricky. When a Mavic series detects any obstacles, it automatically stops, whereas when this FPV drone sees any obstacles, it gives you a warning, and you have to control its position. If you are an experienced drone pilot, then you will be qualified for the manual flight mode. In this mode, the obstacle sensors are turned off, and there is no GPS. Sports mode is a hybrid of both standard and manual, offering the best of both worlds. 

Controller and battery:

     This DJI controller is loaded with all the previous DJI controllers' features with an added hover/break button. This button allows you to instantly stop and hover in case you are in any critical situation. This feature works even when your drone is upside down. The grasps under are removable, and it is there that you will discover two screws. Fix them down, and it delivers the stick to have no opposition. Other than that, it's a lovely standard controller that feels extraordinary—no issues here at all. You can also get an additional motion controller. This controller allows you to control the drone according to your hand gestures.

     The battery capacity is 2000 mAh with 20 minutes flight time. The LiPo 6S battery is hefty, which adds weight to the drone and gives your drone more flight time than other FPV drones. The battery weighs 250 grams, and the maximum charging power is 90W. If you are flying in normal mode, you get a solid 20 minutes, but when you change your flight mode to manual and push the FPV feature, your flight time will be reduced. In either case, the flight time is much more efficient than other FPV drones on the market. The batter is loaded with intelligent charge technology, which allows them to charge quickly, and the drone even turns itself off after not using them for quite some time. 

The Digital FPV system:

     The DJI digital FPV system comes with a DJI FPV Camera, DJI FPV Remote Controller, and DJI Goggles. What more could an FPV drone racer ask for! With its power-packed features and unbeatable performance, the DJI's FPV kit has a special place in our hearts. The DJI FPV goggles can record 720p at 60fps and can feature 720p/120fps HD live view. The latency speed is 28ms, thus providing you with a clear view without any delay. The videos will be saved in the microSD card and played whenever required through DJI FPV goggles. 

     The DJI FPV system is built with eight frequency channels allowing you to fly eight drones simultaneously. With its fascinating visual treat and high functioning goggles, the DJI FPV system puts you in the fast-paced racing world. The DJI FPV is easy to use and comfortable for beginners, and DJI also offers a customized myopia lens for people with nearsightedness.

Final opinion:

     If you are new to the FPV drone, you will have a great learning experience with this new DJI FPV drone. The controls are easy, and the drone's feedback to FPV goggles is good; you will not believe what you are seeing. The obstacle sensors are excellent, but there is always a chance of crashing if the drone is not appropriately handled. Since the body is lightweight, crashing should be avoided as much as possible. Most of the racing and FPV drones are the DIY type, and you need a lot of assembling to get a good flying experience.

     But in this case, the drone is "ready to fly" when unboxed. But if you are more into "aerial photography," this drone might not be a great choice because the camera is built more for FPV experience purposes than photography. And also, note that you will always need an observer when you fly this drone outdoors. Because when you are using the FPV goggles, you are detached from the real world, and it is always good to have a person backing you up on the current drone situation.  

Bestseller (lists)

DJI FPV Combo - First-Person View Drone UAV Quadcopter with 4K Camera, S Flight Mode, Super-Wide 150° FOV, HD Low-Latency Transmission, Emergency Brake and Hover, Gray Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

  • 【IMMERSIVE FLIGHT EXPERIENCE】Feel the thrill of immersive flight provided by the DJI FPV Goggles V2 and DJI FPV’s super-wide 150° FOV, giving you an ultra-smooth, real-time view of your flight.
  • 【4K/60FPS VIDEO】The DJI FPV aircraft can record 4K/60fps video at up to 120 Mbps, capturing crisp details that make footage look as exhilarating as the flight.
  • 【BRAND-NEW S MODE】Get the dynamic look of FPV footage easily in S mode. This hybrid flight mode combines... Read More

Other FPV drones:

1. Walkera F210 3D Edition

     The Walkera F210 3D edition is one of the best-selling RTF (Ready To Fly) drones available on the market. The drone is all configured and is easy to fly. The primary purpose of the drone is racing, so you better get started on your practicing. It comes with a tremendous acrobatic mode that allows it to perform incredible stunts. You are going to love it when it begins its flight with those excellent propellers. This drone's average flight time is 8-9 minutes, so you better get your batteries charged. 

     The optimized receiver RX makes the drone's response spontaneous and stable. It is also four times faster than any other average racing drone, making the Walkara F210 the best contender for racing on our list. The OSD (On Screen Display) is optimized so that you can receive low battery indications and horizon lines in your controller. The Walkera F210 comes with a 700TVL HD camera and a 5.8 G image transmission for live FPV streaming.

Bestseller (lists)

Walkera F210 3D Edition 2.4GHz Racing Drone with Devo7 Toys & Games

  • F210 3D Edition Flip in 3D Aerobatic Mode
  • Optimized receiver RX Response 5ms 4 times faster in speed
  • Optimized flight controller parameter adjustable by phone
  • Optimized OSD (Update lock/unlock, lower battery indicator, horizon line, signal alarm function)... Read More

2. ARRIS X220 V2 220mm Racing Drone

     This drone comes as a pre-assembled and a Ready To Fly version. The Radiolink AT9S increases the drone's calibration to a higher level. The "X" design of the drone has a specific purpose. The X design is the reason behind the ARRIS X220 drone's lightweight, agility, and unmatched durability. 

      It has a 12 minutes flight time, the same as the EMAX Hawk sports drone on our list. This drone is good for beginners and intermediate drone pilots. 

Bestseller (lists)

ARRIS X220 V2 220mm RC Quadcopter FPV Racing Drone RTF

  • This is an assembled RTF version, with Q X7 radio set and high quality 4S lipo battery. Each drone has been well-calibrated and pre-flied.
  • The main feature of the ARRIS X220 is the "X" symmetrical design,light weight,simple structure,durable and agile.The ARRIS X220 comes with the chamfered edge design on the arm, which gives the quad a sleek look.It comes with 4mm pure carbon fiber plate arm, make the frame super strong.The ARRIS X220 is made of pure carbon fiber with alloy ... Read More


   The 2.7K wide-angle camera with an adjustable 120-degree wide HD angle gives you a perfect flight experience. It can capture high-quality videos (2048*1152P) and images (3840*2160P). The drone is foldable and easy to carry so that you can take unique aerial photography anytime and anywhere. The one key take-off/landing comes to your rescue. It is also installed with a quality GPS return home feature for accurate positioning, stable hovering and the 6-axis flight control gives the drone a stable flight.

Bestseller (lists)

HEYGELO Z5 GPS 2.7K RC Drones with FHD Camera for Adults and Teen, Foldable FPV Drone with Auto Return Home, Follow Me, Altitude Hold, Tap Fly Functions for Beginners and Photography Enthusiasts. Toys & Games

  • ✔【SIMPLE DESIGN FOR COMPLEX PHOTOS】Did you ever noticed that simple is best Well, we did, so we created this drone with a simple, yet effective design to stand out. It is easy, so it will fly with ease to take your perfect photos.
  • ✔【REAL 2.7K WIDE ANGLE FHD CAMERA】 Not only that it has a 90o and 120o wide HD angles, but also has an adjustable remote control to make you feel a movie director. It will capture high-quality videos(2048*1152P) and photos(3840*2160P), perfect fo... Read More

4. Holy Stone HS510

     This drone is an absolute deal-breaker for photography enthusiasts. It is the best photography companion you could ask for with its incredible 4K video resolution at 16 fps and 2.7K at 25fps. It is the best outdoor drone since it's lightweight (less than 250 gms) and foldable making it easy to carry everywhere. The brushless motor for the propellers increases the aerodynamic efficiency and is quieter than other brushed motor drones. The Holystone HS510 comes with a 7.6V Li-Po 1500 mAh battery, which has the capacity of 16 minutes of flight time in a single charge. But given the specifications, we know that the flight time is less than other competitor's drones. But still, great value for an entry-level FPV drone.

Bestseller (lists)

Holy Stone HS510 GPS Drone for Adults with 4K UHD Wifi Camera, FPV Quadcopter Foldable for Beginners with Brushless Motor, Return Home, Follow Me,2 Batteries and Storage Bag, Grey Toys & Games

  • [4K Super Resolution Photos] It is able to use every single pixel giving you crystal clear photos and film. This allows the camera to provide smooth 4k video at 16 frames per second, 2.7K video at 25 frames per second. HS510 is definitely a travel essential.
  • [Portable & Ultralight] This 4k drone has compact design in that the quadcopter arms and propeller blades can be folded. It is small (Folded Dimension:5.59*2.91*2.04) and weighs less than 250g/0.55lbs, you don't need to registe... Read More

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