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GoPro Drones

     If you’re looking for the best GoPro drones for your photography adventure, then this article is for you. GoPro has changed the photography purpose of the drones and has raised the bar to another level. Many of the drones in the industry like DJI and Potensic comes with a GoPro camera. Or if you’re looking just for a quadcopter to mount your GoPro camera, those drones are available in the market too.

     GoPro is an American technology company founded in 2002. If you’re thinking why GoPro camera, then the reason is that the GoPro camera is capable of taking extreme sports moments like surfing, racing etc. It can deliver professional-looking photos and video footage. So after some extensive research, analysis and going through the user reviews, we’ve come up with the below list of best GoPro Drones.

Best GoPro drones 2021

  • Altair Aerial Blackhawk?
  • Potensic D85 FPV
  • DROCON Blue Bugs 3
  • Force1 F100 Ghost
  • DJI Phantom 2 V2.0
  • Holy Stone HS700D FPV

There are some guidelines to follow before you buy your GoPro camera. Most of the drones in the market support GoPro Hero 3 and 4. But some drones cannot mount GoPro camera. So you should know a few things before purchasing.

Mounted or compatible :

You need to know the difference between a compatible drone and mounted drone. With a compatible drone, you can control the camera function with your drone’s remote control. But with a mounted drone, you can just fix the camera on the drone and hope it captures the view you are looking for. So check them before buying one.

Drone weight :

If you need a clear image and videos we suggest you to go with a heavy type drone with gimbals. But if you need just random shots and fast pace sports videos I suggest you go with a lightweight drone.

FPV feature :

If you need FPV experience, buy drones that come with FPV feature. Mostly FPV works well with built-in cameras. If you are attaching a GoPro camera for FPV experience, the result might be average.

Payload :

Most of the drones out there are not designed to carry an external camera. So your drone must be heavy enough to carry an attached camera to take snapshots. Most of the drones have a maximum take off weight mentioned in their product description. Make sure you check them before buying a GoPro drone.

User Friendly:

Beginners might find it difficult to mount a GoPro camera on a drone. Be sure you buy user-friendly drones, drones that are easily mountable. So you don't waste your time arranging your drone rather than flying them.

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Top GoPro drones :

1. Altair Aerial Blackhawk

Type Mountable
Flight time 15-17 minutes
Dimension 13.9 x 12.9 x 6.2 inches
Weight 0.106 pounds
Recommendation meter 5

     The Altair Aerial Blackhawk is different from your average toy drone and any new user will fall in love with it. The drone is mountable with a GoPro camera and is user friendly too. The flight time varies from 15-17 minutes according to the payload and this is enough for a beginner who wants an average flight.

     The flight range is around 300-500 meters and the control is unflinching even at that range. The 6-axis gyro and the built-in independent ESC will help you avoid burnout due to deadlock. You can mount either GoPro Hero 3 or 4 to capture amazing aerial shots in HD.

The reason we chose Mavic 2 Pro :

  • Brushless motors
  • Affordable
  • Good flight time and range

Things to note

  • The camera setup might need some practice.

2. Potensic D85 FPV

Type Compatible
Flight time 40 minutes (dual batteries)
Dimension 17.8 x 12.9 x 7.7 inches
Weight 7.19 pounds
Recommendation meter 5

     The Potensic D85 FPV is the best drone in the market for your GoPro cameras. It has a built-in 2K camera which can capture amazing 130-degree panoramic shots and images. If you need to mount your sports camera (i.e) GoPro cameras then Potensic D85 is an amazing choice.

     The best thing about Potensic D85 is that it comes with FPV mode, so you can see the real-life transmission. It is also power-packed with some exciting features like FollowMe, OrbitMode and Auto return. These features help you locate your target and navigate smoothly. With four brushless motors, the Potensic D85 has a flight speed of 50 km/hr so you can have a long flight range. The controls are user friendly and can be handled by the beginners.

The reason we chose Mavic 2 Pro :

  • Inbuilt 2K camera
  • Has FPV feature
  • Sports camera compatible
  • Brushless motors
  • GPS drone with auto-return features

Things to note

  • The design could be better
  • No propeller guards

Bestseller (lists)

Potensic D85 FPV Drone with 2K Camera for Adult with Brushless Motor, 5G WiFi Live Video, RC Quadcopter for Beginner, GPS Return Home, Follow Me, Carry Case with 2 Batteries, 40 Min Long Flight Time Toys & Games

  • 【40Min double batteries】: Double 7.4V 2800mAh high capacity batteries provide up to 40 min flight time after per full charge. The balance charger is safe in charging.
  • 【2K HD camera,Compatible with sports camera】: Through this 5G WiFi camera, you can capture drone with 2K camera super clear and 130°panoramic images, recording the moment that inspires you. And see the smooth live video. Compatible with sports camera.
  • 【Carrying Case for Travelling】: Packaged with... Read More

3. DROCON Blue Bugs 3

Type Mountable
Flight time 15-20 minutes
Dimension 16.14 x 16.14 x 5.91 inches
Weight 0.5 pounds
Recommendation meter 5

     Drocon Blue Bugs 3 is an entry-level drone which is likeable for both the beginners and experts alike. Drocon has brushless motors which reduce the heat thereby providing a longer flight time (15-20 minutes). The battery life varies from 15 minutes at the mid-to-high throttle to 20 minutes with normal usage. It is compatible with both GoPro Hero 3 and 4.

     The flight range is 300 meters so as a beginner you can master your skills at an average distance. And whenever the battery is low or the signal is weak, the alarm sensors will keep you informed. It is capable of performing cool 3D flips and rolls at a press of a button. If you’re buying a GoPro drone for your child, this Drocon Blue bugs 3 will be a perfect selection.

The reason we chose Mavic 2 Pro :

  • Can be used by both beginners and experts alike
  • As low power alarm and weak signal alarm.
  • Can do 3D flips and rolls
  • Average flight time

Things to note

  • The charge time is longer than other drones (6.6 hours)

Bestseller (lists)

DROCON Bugs 3 Powerful Brushless Motor Quadcopter High Speed Flying Gopro Drone for Adults and Hobbyists, Blue Toys & Games

  • Updated Brushless Motor: Brushless motor won't overheat and melt like plastic, so you get longer flights (15 minutes).
  • Fly up to 15-20 Minutes: Blue B3 lasts for 15 minutes at mid-to-high throttle, and up to 20 minutes with conservative use. B3 flies stable & smooth for beginners and faster for expert.
  • Long Distance Control Remote Control Alarm: when your Blue B3 is a tiny Speck in the distance, you retain 100% control. Fly to 1, 000 feet and beyond in seconds and capture... Read More

4. Force1 F100 Ghost

Type Mountable
Flight time 15 minutes
Dimension 16.6 x 13.3 x 6.1 inches
Weight 0.18 pounds
Recommendation meter 5

     The Force 1 F100 is a great GoPro ready drone on the market. It is a great drone for people who are new to drone handling and is highly affordable. The camera provided is capable of taking HD 1080 resolution photos and videos for recording memorable moments. But since it’s GoPro ready, you can mount your Gopro Camera (Hero 3 and 4) anywhere on-the-go.

     You can choose your own ghost shell since it comes with three colours of shell. The Ghost Drone additionally has its own camera, which can take average looking photos and videos. It can fly up to 500 meters so you can take photographs from a long-range. The two batteries included provides 15 minutes of flight time per battery thereby increasing your flight time for about 30 minutes.

The reason we chose Mavic 2 Pro :

  • Two batteries provided which extends the flight time
  • Flight range is 500 meters
  • The shells are changeable and come in three colours
  • Easy to use for beginners

Things to note

  • Doesn’t support all GoPro cameras (only Hero 3 and 4).

Bestseller (lists)

Force1 F100GP Drone with Camera for Adults - GoPro Compatible RC Drone with 1080p HD Video Drone Camera Long Range Brushless Quadcopter with Remote Control, 2 Drone Batteries, 3 Drone Shells Toys & Games

  • GoPro Compatible Camera Drone for Adults: The F100GP RC drone is built for adventure with a 1080p HD action camera and GoPro action camera mount compatible with GoPro Heroes 3 and 4; expertly capture HD photos and video footage with this drone for GoPro
  • High-Powered Brushless Drone Motors: Tougher, more powerful brushless motors give you a long flight range of up to 500 meters; this drone with 30 minutes long flight time races in 2 speeds and includes 3 swappable RC drone shells (white... Read More

5. DJI Phantom 2 V2.0

Type Mountable
Flight time 20-25 minutes
Dimension 15.5 x 8 x 14 inches
Weight 3.08 pounds
Recommendation meter 5

     You need a safe drone to mount your GoPro camera, and in safety, no other drone can match the DJI drones. In its lineage, the DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 gives you a safe and fun aviation adventure. It supports the GoPro Hero 4 camera, so you can take extraordinary aerial photography and videos.

     The flight time is an amazing 20-25 minutes which is very good for any GoPro drones. It has a flight range up to 1 km, so the aerial photography experts can take stunning photos even from distance. This DJI Phantom 2 comes with a Zenmuse H3-3D 3-axis gimbal, which is an advanced version, and has the ability to provide amazing photo clarity and has steady aviation.

The reason we chose Mavic 2 Pro :

  • Good flight time and flight range
  • Has an upgraded propulsion system.
  • Zenmuse H3-3D 3-axis gimbal for a smooth shooting

Things to note

  • Not user friendly for beginners
  • Requires DJI app installation
  • Supports only GoPro Hero 4 camera

Bestseller (lists)

DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 Quadcopter Electronics

  • Complete quad copter and remote transmitter, pre-tuned by the factory and ready in minutes! Just charge the included batteries, attach the propellers and you're flying.
  • Fun flying by itself or even better with a GoPro to record the action. Tested with Hero2, Hero3/3+ and Hero4 models; camera and gimbal/mount sold separately. Note: Wi-Fi streaming from the GoPro camera is not possible.
  • Built-in support for the Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal for extreme camera stability and silky smooth ... Read More

6. Holy Stone HS700D FPV

Type Compatible
Flight time 22 minutes
Dimension 15.2 x 15.2 x 6.1 inches
Weight 4.39 pounds
Recommendation meter 5

     HolyStone has always impressed us with its consumer-friendly drones at a reasonable price. In that matter, HolyStone HS700D is the best in the market for your GoPro cameras. It already has an inbuilt 4K camera which takes excellent photos and videos, but if you want to shoot sports events like racing or surfing and want smooth video transmission, then mounting a GoPro to your Holystone HS700D is the best choice.

     The flight time is an impressive 22 minutes so you can shoot for a long time. It is assisted with inbuilt GPS so you can hover safely and automatically return to the starting location in case of low battery or weak signal. It has a powerful brushless motor to increase your drones agility and travel smoothly. The controls are simple and can be handled by any drone enthusiast. The FollowME option and headless mode is an added advantage for the Holy Stone HS700D FPV.

The reason we chose Mavic 2 Pro :

  • Has inbuilt 4K camera
  • Supports GoPro Hero 2,3 and 4
  • Has a good flight time
  • Comes with FPV feature
  • Brushless motors

Things to note

  • You should re-insert the battery every time you start your drone.
  • No propeller guards

Bestseller (lists)

Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone with 4K FHD Camera Live Video and GPS Return Home, RC Quadcopter for Adults Beginners with Brushless Motor, Follow Me, 5G WiFi Transmission, Modular Battery Advanced Selfie Toys & Games

  • 4K FHD 90°Adjustable Camera with 5G Transmission: The upgraded camera (3840*2160P stored in TF card) with 110°FOV (field of view) lens gives a panoramic view for recording your unforgettable moment. 5G transmission ensures fast and high-quality FPV real time video from 1640-2600FT away- ideals for selfie. Edit and share your new creations to social media with your drone app directly.
  • GPS Assisted Flight: With GPS location, the drone can hover stably and automatically return to ... Read More

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