Best drone under 300

     If you are looking for some budget drones, then drones under $300 is a perfect price range to start your exploration. The drone market has evolved to an extent where you can get the best drone with cool features at a reasonable price. But you should also be aware of the bogus drones that promote themselves as the best in the market but won’t survive a minimal crash.

    At a $300 budget, you can easily get drones with HD cameras, GPS features, FollowMe options, and more. These drones are recommended for beginners and also for photograph addict. Just note that the higher the price range the more specifications the drone comes with. 

     We have made this article for anyone who wants to get a glimpse of the best drones under $300. We’ve spent hours researching each drone in our list and carefully gong through every user reviews to provide you with the list of best drones under $300.

The best drones under 300:

1. Holy Stone HS 720 and E
2. Contixo F24 Pro
3.Altair Outlaw SE
4. Ruko F11 Pro Drone
5. Potensic D88
6. Holy Stone HS700D 

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1.Holy Stone HS 720

Camera 4K UHD
Flight time 26 minutes
Dimension 14.37 x 13.19 x 2.4 in
Weight 1.01 pounds
Recommendation 5

     Holystone has always been the choice for budget drones with the best features. The Holy Stone HS720 adds to its reputation. The camera quality is  4K UHD which comes with Image Stabilization and also has a shock absorption holder which helps to shoot high-resolution clarity images and videos without vibration. The fascinating feature is its GPS Assisted intelligent Flight. It has an RTH feature and battery charge detection which allows returning to its original destination when the battery is low. If you are will to throw in a few more bucks, you can get Holy Stone HS 720E which is the updated edition.

          Another notable feature is that it has a brushless motor which helps for a more efficient aerodynamic aviation. The design is pretty handy and easily portable. And it also comes with a carrying bag. And the excellent advantage is its flight time which is 26 minutes. For this price range, no other drone offers these specifications. Even DJI might be a little expensive. The controller is user friendly and has a range of 2.4 GHz which can reach 3000 feet.

Reason to choose Holystone 720:

  • Excellent casing
  • User-friendly controller
  • GPS Assisted Intelligent Flight
  • Flight time is excellent

Things to note

  • The RTH feature needs improvisation
  • Charging time is quite long
  • Camera quality is not suitable for professional photographers

2.Contixo F24 Pro

Camera 4K UHD
Flight time 30 minutes
Dimension 12 x 8 x 8 in
Weight 1.14 pounds
Recommendation 5

     Contixo F24 Pro is a foldable drone that is a stunning piece of art for its price. Its a drone with stability and efficiency suitable for any drone fanatic. The 4K camera takes UHD images and the video quality is 2.7K which can provide stunning and vivid colors. The camera has a 120-degree FOV lens that gives you a wider view of the world.

 This drone has a 2500mAh intelligent battery which gives you up to 30 minutes of flight time. It also comes with one extra battery which can extend your flight time up to 60 minutes. The GPS signal is effective and you can have a stable image transmission up to 1700 feet. The GPs signal also helps for stable hovering and RTH feature. The drone is equipped with brushless motors to give you smooth flight experience. 

Some of the smart flight features are

  •  Follow Me
  • Orbit Mode
  • Gesture Control 
  • Point of Interest – Can set up to 16 Waypoints.
  • Tap to Fly 

The Reason to choose Contixo F24 Pro:

  • Comes with cool looking backpack
  • Has live video option
  • Good flight time
  • Useful smart features

Things to note

  • Only 600 meters range for FPV

3.Altair Outlaw SE

Camera 1080 HD
Battery life 20 Minutes
Dimension 16.4 x 12 x 5.3 in /td>
Weight 3.12 pound
Recommendation 5

    If you are looking for a drone to just have a fun flight experience then I’d recommend you go with Altair Outlaw SE. The Altair Outlaw is the latest addition to the list of the best drones under 300$. The camera is capable of taking high-resolution photos and videos and also comes with a first-person view. The drone has an excellent package and is highly compact. This drone is sure to provide a lot of fun for any drone beginners. 

         The flight time of this drone is 20 minutes which is lower than other drones in the list. So it’s better to buy an additional battery. One thing to be noted before buying them is that it has a flight range of 600meters which is pretty low when compared to other drones on the list. It is loaded with some special features:

Some of the key smart functions are:

  • Altitude Hold
  • Headless Mode
  • One-Touch Takeoff and Landing
  • Point of Interest Mode
  • Follow Me Mode
  • Fail-Safe Return Home
  • GPS Return Home Functionality

Reasons to choose Altair Outlaw SE:

  • Best for beginners
  • Good camera quality
  • Excellent flight time
  • User-friendly controls

Things to note

  • Low flight range (600meters)
  • Heavier than other drones (3.12 pound)

4.Ruko F11 Pro Drone

Camera 4K UHD, 2.9K video
Battery life 30 minutes
Dimension 6.9 x 4.1 x 3.15 in
Weight 1.14 pounds
Recommendation 5

We know that the list doesn’t have any DJI drones because the DJI drone starts at a higher price range. That’s why we’ve included Ruko F11 Pro in our list of best 4K drones. It comes with 4K UHD photo quality and 2.9 video which results in stunning photos and videos. If you are a professional photographer and think that 30 minutes flight time is not enough, the package comes with one extended battery which extends your flight time for 60 minutes.

     The drone is capable of video transmission of 300-500 meters and with the advanced GPS controls, you can receive stable and clear images and videos. This drone is highly recommended for beginners who want a hassle-free flight experience. Some of the notable special features are:

Some of the key smart functions are:

  • 3-speed mode
  • Adjustable camera
  • RTH feature
  • One key takeoff/landing
  • Intelligent flight mode

Reasons to buy Ruko F11 Pro:

  • Best camera for the price
  • Good value for the money
  • Extra flight time (1 extra battery provided)

Things to note

  • No propeller guard
  • 500 meters image transmission range is less.

5.Potensic D88

Camera 4K
Battery life 16-20 mins
Dimension 15.2 x 12 x 4.6 in
Weight 5.24 pounds
Recommendation 5

     The Potensic D88 is an upgrade from their previous drone Potensic D68. It comes with upgraded camera quality and special features than its predecessors. This drone is also foldable and easy to carry. The camera quality is 4K with a 110-degree wide-angle and can alter 90 degrees to capture wonderful moments. You need a 4-32 GB SD card to shoot and record videos. 

     The brushless motors helps the drone to have a stable flight with high speed (up to 50km/h). The 3400 mAh battery provides 16-20 minutes of stable flight. It also comes with one extra battery. So an extra flight time of 32-40 minutes is guaranteed. One of the features I admire the most about this drone is that it has “Ultrasonic altitude determination”. This feature combined with Optical Flow Positioning enables the drone for stable hovering, safer flight, and is the best for beginners. Some of the special features of Potensic D88 are:

Some of the special features are :

  • GPS intelligent return
  • one button return
  • follow me mode
  • interest point surrounds
  • altitude hold
  • ultrasonic altitude setting
  • optical flow positioning
  • orbit flight

Reasons to buy Potensic D88:

  • 4K camera with 5G WiFi camera
  • Good GPS with ultrasonic altitude setting
  • Additional battery for a longer flight time

Things to note

  • No internal storage ( you need 4-32 GB SD card for 4K videos)
  • The controller response lags sometimes

6.Holy Stone HS700D

Camera 4K FHD
Battery life 22 minutes
Dimension 15.2 x 15.2 x 6.1 inches
Weight 1.34 pound
Recommendation 5

  HolyStone has always impressed us with its consumer-friendly drones at a reasonable price. In that matter, HolyStone HS700D is the best in the market for your GoPro cameras. It already has an inbuilt 4K camera that takes excellent photos and videos, but if you want to shoot sports events like racing or surfing and want smooth video transmission, then mounting a GoPro to your Holystone HS700D is the best choice.

     The flight time is an impressive 22 minutes so you can shoot for a long time. It is assisted with inbuilt GPS so you can hover safely and automatically return to the starting location in case of low battery or weak signal. It has a powerful brushless motor to increase your drone’s agility and travel smoothly. The controls are simple and can be handled by any drone enthusiast. The FollowMe option and headless mode is an added advantage for the Holy Stone

Reasons to buy Holy Stone HS700D:

  • Has inbuilt 4K camera
  • Supports GoPro cameras (Hero 2,3 and 4)
  • Has a good flight time
  • Comes with FPV feature

Things to note

  • You should re-insert the battery every time you start your drone.
  • No propeller guards

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